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News: Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis is performed in British Sign Language and spoken English for the very first time

Deafinitely Theatre and New Diorama Theatre present
4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane
Award-winning Deafinitely Theatre bring its celebrated bilingual approach to Sarah Kane’s lyrical and haunting final play about mental health. 4.48 Psychosis is performed in British Sign Language and spoken English for the very first time.


Review Up ‘N’ Under, Fingersmiths, The Lowry Theatre by Janine Hall

 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

It’s common practise to begin a theatre review with a plot summary. This was not a normal theatre trip for me. This was more of a pilgrimage to see four of my favourite Deaf actors. So for the purposes of this review, I need to introduce my own plot first.

“A forty-six year old British Sign language student travels from North Wales to Manchester to see a play which has Deaf and hearing actors and British Sign Language. Whilst feeling very excited, she is also completely terrified as she will finally get to meet her favourite actors who also happen to be prominent members of the Deaf community. As far as she is concerned, she is off to meet royalty….will it be the stuff of dreams or the stuff of nightmares???”

Three of the actors have previously starred in Small World, which is a sitcom about Deaf people living together. Think ‘Friends’ but with the BSL march, Paddy Ladd and Doug Alker references.

There are four Deaf actors in the production. I first saw Matthew Gurney in ‘Deaf Mugger’ which is old but is still timeless to me (it’s still available on YouTube). If you are a BSL student check it out because I don’t think they will ever show you that in class.

He’s also not to be missed as Mitch the plumber in Small World, for which he quite rightly won an award. Secondly, we have Adam Bassett. I know Adam as the pedantic BSL teacher, also in Small World. There’s a scene in Small World where he tries to correct Mitch (Matthew Gurney) on the sign for Leeds.  Any BSL student will recognise this situation. Being corrected by your tutor and other Deaf people is part and parcel of learning BSL.

Third in this ensemble is Nadeem Islam, who played Omar in Small world and is also the affable, Tigger like children’s presenter on ‘Up For It’ which is also available on BSL Zone.

What all of these actors don’t know is that I’ve watched them all in Small World countless times…and regularly in 0.5 slow motion to check their incredibly fast hand movements and facial expressions out. As a BSL learner; I am completely in love with British Sign Language. I watch everything I possibly can to improve my reception skills and handshapes. So up to now I have regularly scrutinised all of the actors I’m going to see on my 48” TV in slow motion. Can you see why I’d be feeling a tad nervous! With all this creepy stalker activity in mind and as I set off from the snowy mountains of North Wales to Manchester to meet these three men, I consider the fourth.

Last but not least…the production (I will get there) also stars Stephen Collins. I know of Stephen because of his work with DH Ensemble, Graeae Theatre Company and Ramps on The Moon. I became particularly fond of Stephen when I saw him in Found (BSL Zone) talking to Emily Howlett about how she found her Deaf identity and began to learn to sign.

It really moved me and I remember thinking how amazing it must have been for Emily to have had the support of Stephen at an incredibly crucial time in her life.

Upon arrival in Salford there was a chance encounter with the cast outside the venue. I know what you’re thinking; strategically planned stalker moves. No – it literally was serendipity. On seeing Adam Bassett…and feeling little BSL student star struck – I instantly start signing Leeds to him, thinking he’ll appreciate the Small World reference. He was courteous and polite and never questioned it, but probably wondered what I was rambling on about. I did manage to briefly talk to him after the show and I think I tried to explain, but being a little giddy from the performance maybe he just still thinks I’m a massive Leeds fan.

Grabbing a photo opportunity with Matthew Gurney, I remember trying to ask him if it was okay to Facebook these photos, but I’m sure I signed hotel to him…which could have appeared slightly dubious and I’m glad I had already booked my ticket – because mixing the signs for ‘hotel’ and ‘book’ up at that crucial moment could have been disastrous!

Equally as embarrassing after the performance, having recently been shown a ‘Deaf Hope’ video about the importance of sexual health checks which Nadeem had acted in, I found myself talking to him about condoms. Probably not wise as a 46 year and him a young man. I always wondered why people say “Never meet you heroes” now I know why. We often say the wrong thing when we are nervous…. those weren’t my normal conversational signs. Lucky me…. I can now appear idiotic in two languages.

Back to the actual performance…and all joking aside. Fully accessible theatre. An impossibility. Nope – not when it comes from Jeni Draper and the Fingersmiths Theatre Company. The clever use of captioning, voice over and BSL means that this play is literally accessible to all.

Up ‘N’ Under

“Set up in a bet with his arch rival Reg, our hero Arthur discovers he has 5 weeks to train The Wheatsheaf Arms who are bottom of the amateur rugby league, have never won a game, don’t have 7 players and spend more time in the pub than on the pitch. They are up against The Cobblers Arms, trained by Reg, who are top of the league, train weekly, are physically enormous and terrify every team they play. 

Arthur is most worried however about how he is going to communicate with his new team.

They are Deaf and he doesn’t sign……!”

The three hearing actors. Wayne Pickles Norman (Arthur), Willie Elliot (Reg), and Tanya Vital (Hazel) deliver a stunning rhetoric throughout the performance. Reg disappearing often to voice over the audio description. As Hazel, Tanya delivers a powerful Yorkshire narration throughout the performance as she tries to kick the boys into shape, ready for the big game. To keep the Deaf audiences informed; the four Deaf actors take it in turn to deliver the narration in BSL. As I seem to be spending a lot of time watching terps deliver BSL to Deaf audiences at BSL interpreted theatre performances; this had an extra dimension. Knowing that both the English and the BSL had been rehearsed and this wasn’t an interpretation of the words but both languages being performed together gave me an incredible feeling. True equality. It can be done. Kudos. I can only humbly apologise that the three hearing actors don’t feature more prominently in my writing as they were superb but I literally couldn’t peel my eyes away from the BSL. I wanted to write more about the hearing actors but I literally didn’t watch them; but let it be known that it’s no reflection of their work.

Matthew Gurney plays Frank. At one point we see him leaning on an imaginary oxygen tank and acting a scene which was reminiscent of the old black and white silent films. Matthew’s ability to morph his face into what can only be described as grotesque features is a skill I believe only accessible to him and Jim Carey. Throw in Buster Keaton with some good old fashioned slapstick and visual vernacular (which I think can only be perfected by pure BSL users) and we have a character profile for his acting. He also provided plenty of sly jokes for the Deaf community directed at hearing people which the untrained eye would have missed. Being able to understand all these subtle nuances is yet another reason I love knowing BSL.

Adam Bassett (Phil) also didn’t disappoint. His dream sequence was mesmerising. Deaf storytelling is something I know I will ironically only ever be able to dream about.. Deaf storytelling is an art in itself and my companions and I lapped it up. There was no need to sign that we were gobsmacked to each other; our mouths agape, we literally were.

There were too many highlights to mention from both Stephen Collins and Nadeem Islam, who were both visually stunning. Lookout for Tony’s (Nadeem) explanation of how someone procured a broken wrist and the clever use of Reg’s sign name. At times during the production I was genuinely worried about the amount of alcohol that Stephen Collins (Steve) drank and wondered if his character’s name had been given to him as he’d taken method acting too far.

I didn’t expect all the dancing. Those boys can throw some shapes between them and I didn’t expect it; maybe the boys will pop up in Swan Lake next. My BSL tutor has often told me that he’s accused of pretending to be Deaf by hearing people when he goes clubbing and dances. Again, if you hang around with Deaf people and spend time in the Deaf community you will know this to be a ridiculous statement; it just highlights a lack of Deaf awareness.

The build up to it and the penultimate rugby match itself was a sight to behold. I go to the theatre with the hope that I can suspend my disbelief. Crafty use of acting and shrewd use of costumes during these penultimate scenes meant that I was able to do just that. I genuinely felt like I was at the match; I was terrified of the mighty Cobblers and rooting for the underdogs – The Wheatsheaf Arms.

There is unlimited scope for this kind of theatre. It should have happened years ago. Unfortunately for various political and historical reasons, it hasn’t. However, collaboration between us all is paramount to moving forwards. This play highlights not only the divide, but the endless possibilities of us all working together. I honestly can’t see any other way forwards. I especially implore BSL students to go and see this; put down put down your 2D BSL files, stop anything else you are doing and go and watch Up ‘N’ Under in glorious 3D…I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Janine Hall with  Adam Basset, Up and Under cast member.

Review The Tempest, Taking Flight Theatre Company by Helen Joy

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
It is indeed a rough magic. A clever, witty, kind sort of rough magic woven through this production of one of Shakespeare’s stranger tales.
Ambulating through Thompson’s Park, a space for the imagination if ever there was one, this charming, funny and imaginative version enchants us all.
Dull and colourless as this audience is in its raincoats and wellies, we provide a suitably leaden contrast to the spangles and sequins of the cast. Blue against the green leaves, gold against the grey bark. Barque. The puns are smart, the lines are clear. Nothing is left unexplained, untranslated, misinterpreted. It is all done with a competent amusement.

It is a marvellous interpretation. A 1930s cruise, flamboyant characters and the utter bonkersness which this Company does so brilliantly.

One of the things it also does so well is multi-casting. The comedy trio of Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban is just joyous. I absolutely love them – and this audience laughs back into their contorted faces. The three of them swap between roles smartly and provide that bit of Shakespearean slapstick we need between the heavy bits. Caliban is familiar, he reminds me of Moriarty, all cute and smarmy. Handsome as the glorious Miranda’s short (you will have to see it to get that) lover, he is captivating all round.

As is Prospero. A difficult and lengthy role which is delivered with assurance and terrific suavity. The compere of the evening, he is maitre d’ of his Island and of us all. He is appropriately edgy and advances on us loitering observers with confidence, making us fearful of his abilities.  His soft voice persuades us to come closer, he is in charge.

Now. Ariel. The singer. The dishy sprite with the admiring backing group. Another tricky role and well played.  As are all the roles. The exaggerated expressions, the songs, the comic timing, the acting, is all delightful. There is magic here. There is nothing not to like here. Shakespeare would’ve loved it, loved the inclusiveness of it all, loved the weather it played out in – can we ever control anything, anyone, however powerful we think we are?

We trip into the performance on bright blue boats and trip out wishing Prospero well in his new life. We have understood this complex play in a way we never have before, we have been entertained, educated and included.

Go see – take a lightweight, foldable chair & check the weather forecast as you may need a hat; sensible shoes are de rigeur.

 Helen Joy for Get the Chance, 3rd Act Critics.
Photography – Jorge Lizalde- Studio Cano
THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare
Director- Elise Davison
Designer- Becky Davies
Composer and Musical Director- Dan Lawrence
Costume Maker- Angharad Gamble
BSL consultants- Jean St Clair and Daryl Jackson
Milton Lopes- Ariel
Dean Rehman- Prospero
Stephanie Back- Miranda
Sian Owens – Antonia/ ensemble
Paul Henshall- Gonzalo
Sami Thorpe-  BSL  Dance Captain
Sam Bees- Alonso/ Stephano
Ioan Gwyn- Ferdinand/ Caliban
Huw Blainey- Sebastian/ Trinculo
Shannon Davison- ensemble
Lauren Burgess- ensemble
Audio trailer- English

Audio trailer Welsh

*Please contact beth@takingflighttheatre.co.uk or on 07785 947823 to discuss any access requirement. Touch tours and BSL introductions are available by arrangement.
Supported by Arts Council of Wales
Unless otherwise stated next to date, follow this link below for tickets.
Thompson’s Park, Cardiff
(meet at main gate on Romilly Rd)
June 8th  12pm & 6.30pm
June 9th   6.30pm
June 10th  2pm & 6.30pm
Chapter.org 02920 304400

The Pavilion, Langland, Swansea
11th June 2pm
Bryntirion Comprehensive, Bridgend
June 15th  6.30pm
Buy on the door

Elan Valley
(meet at visitor centre)
June 16th  12pm & 5pm
June 17th 4pm

Roath Park, Cardiff
(meet at conservatory)
June 18th 6.30pm

Beaumaris Castle
LL58 8AP
June 21st  7pm

Coed Y Brenin
(meet at visitor centre)
LL40 2HZ
June 22nd   7pm

Denbigh Castle
LL16 3NB
June 23rd  12pm & 7pm
June 24th  2 & 7pm

Loggerheads Country Park
(meet at visitor centre)
June 25th   7pm
Tickets also bookable at site

Caerphilly Castle
CF83 1JD
June 28th  7pm

Strata Florida Abbey
SY25 6ES
June 29th   7pm

Dylan’s Restaurant, Criccieth
LL52 0HU
30th 7.30pm
For theatre tickets only please use Ticketsource link
For theatre and dinner tickets email criccieth@dylansrestaurant.co.uk or call 01766 522773
Hijinx Unity Festival 
Caernarfon Doc Fictoria
July 1st 12pm
July 2nd 2pm

Bellevue Park Newport
(meet at The Tea Rooms)
NP20 4EZ
July 5th   12pm & 7pm

Tretower Court
July 6th  7pm

Blaise Castle Estate Dairy Farm
BS10 7QS
July 7th 12pm & 7pm
July 8th 2 & 7pm
bristolshakespearefestival.org.uk or use ticketsource

Tretower Court
July 9th 5.30pm

Cyfarthfa Castle, Merthyr
(meet at bandstand)
CF47 8RE
July 11th  12pm & 7pm

Rhuddlan Castle
LL18 5AD
July 13th  7pm
July 14th  12pm & 7pm

Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen
LL20 8DD
July 15th & 16th 7pm
llangollenfringe.co.uk / 0800 1455779 or use ticketsource

Cilgerran Castle
SA43 2SF
July 19th  7pm

Stackpole, Nr Pembroke
(meet at Lodge Park Woods)
Carpark  postcode SA71 5DE
July 20th 7pm
July 21st 12pm & 7pm
July 22nd 2 & 7pm

Hilton Court, Haverfordwest
SA62 5AE
July 23rd   6.30pm

Beechenhurst Lodge, Forest of Dean
GL16 7EG
July 25th 7pm

Tintern Abbey
NP16 6SE
July 26th 7pm

Kidwelly Castle
SA17 5BQ
July 28th 7pm

Trelai Pavilion, Trelai Park, Ely, Cardiff
July 29th 12pm
The Kymin, Penarth
CF64 1JX
July 30th 4pm
penarthtowncouncil.gov.uk  02920 703200
Taking Flight Theatre Company (TFTC) was formed by Beth House and Elise Davison in 2008. Beth met Elise whilst working on a youth theatre project in South Wales. Having worked extensively together since then on a freelance basis, they decided to make it official and set up Taking Flight Theatre Company. Our aim with this company is to work with groups of people who have traditionally been underrepresented in theatre, film and television, and to make fully accessible and integrated theatre for all ages. Taking flight Theatre Company regularly tour to some of the most gorgeous open spaces across Wales (and occasionally England) with beautifully realised Shakespearean adventures every summer. TFTC have also led on a Welsh Government initiative tackling Disability Hate Crime for the last 3 autumns- reaching over 9,000 young people in the last 3 years. TFTC also perform festival and street theatre pieces during the summer. You’ve Got Dragons is their first production especially developed for theatres and professional and community performance spaces.
Taking Flight Theatre Company have an integrated casting policy which goes hand in hand with their belief in creating fully accessible and integrated theatre- employing the best creative talent regardless of visible and invisible abilities. Our philosophy reaches out to performers who might traditionally have been overlooked by mainstream theatre, and as such they often employ disabled, D/deaf and sensory impaired performers, placing positive disabled role models centre stage.
Website: takingflighttheatre.co.uk
Follow us at: @takingflightco
Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Takingflightco/
Selection of cast biographies
Ioan Gwyn
Following 4 years of touring theatre across Wales with various companies (Arad Goch, Bara Caws, Mess up the Mess), Ioan went on to study a Masters in Classical Acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Since graduation he has performed in a variety of classical plays such as Volpone, Cymbeline and a one-off performance in Shakespeare’s Globe of an unearthed play by Thomas Jordan, Tricks of Youth.
Aside from performing Richard III at The Tower of London, this is Ioan’s first outdoor theatre tour, and he looks forward to the inevitable performance in the rain!
Paul Henshall
Paul trained at Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre.
He has worked extensively in theatre, and his TV credits include; Dr Dean West: Holby City, Paul Ball: I’m With Stupid, Michael Scant: A Thing Called Love, Ollie Beresford: Casualty, David Hobbs: Playing the Field, all for BBC.  Prankster: Off Their Rockers – Blue Badge Special, ITV
Paul was the first disabled person in the country to gain a qualification in stage combat from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, and in 2007 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Staffordshire University for services to acting and the promotion of disabled actors.
Paul is also a trained and registered Hypnotist, specialising in confidence, stage fright and phobias, and also performs comedy stage hypnosis shows

Get the Chance to be a theatre critic with Taking Flight Theatre Company

Interested in theatre, dance, visual art, gigs, poetry, film and more?
Want to access a free workshop which will give you an insight into the role of a critic?
Then, this is for you! The workshop and performance will be BSL supported. It will be suitable for D/deaf participants.
All participants will be able to:
-Access the workshop for free and see a performance of The Tempest by Taking Flight Theatre Company
-Be supported by Get the Chance to continue to review a range of events and performances.
The Tempest 
“Join the Magic Staff Liner Corporation and indulge yourself with a jaunt on the newest addition to their fleet- their number one luxury ocean liner, The Remembrance. Let their crew take care of your every worry, your every woe on their 10 year anniversary cruise to the Island that Time Forgot.
Expect lots of laughs, physical comedy and live original music, but most of all expect the unexpected.
This performance has live integrated BSL interpretation and audio description.”

What’s involved?
You will take part in a 90 minute workshop with Guy O’Donnell Director of social enterprise and online magazine website Get the Chance getthechance.wales
During the workshop you will be given an insight into the role of the arts critic. You will be given instruction on how to create a review and upload your response online. Participants will look at blogging, video, social media and much more! All workshop participants will get the opportunity for their reviews to feature on the Get the Chance website.
If you have one please bring a laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.
The workshop is limited to 10 places. All participants will be expected to write a response to the performance.
Suitable for ages 14+
The workshop is on July the 11th at Cyfarthfa Museum  from 5-6.30pm
5-6.30 pm – Workshop
6.30-7pm -break
7pm -Performance of The Tempest
To book a place please email

BSL, Subtitled Video review, You’ve Got Dragons by Taking Flight Theatre Company performed at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff reviewed by Steph Back.

A BSL subtitled video review of You’ve Got Dragons by Taking Flight Theatre Company performed at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff reviewed by Steph Back.

Production information
“A delightful tale of one child’s journey to come to terms with their dragons, told in Taking Flight’s unique style. With toe-tapping music, this highly visual, sensitive production is a humorous and touching exploration of the ‘dragons’ we all face.
A fully accessible intergenerational show featuring creative captioning, BSL and audio description it is a treat for all the family … and remember ‘no dragon is more powerful than YOU’!”

BSL, Subtitled Video Review, Killology, Sherman Theatre by Steph Back

A BSL subtitled video review of Killology. Written by Gary Owen and directed by Rachel O’Riordan performed at Sherman Theatre, Cardiff reviewed by Steph Back.

The production can be seen at The Royal Court ,Thu 25 May – Sat 24 June.


By Gary Owen
Director Rachel O’Riordan
Designer Gary McCann
Lighting Designer Kevin Treacy
Composer and Sound Designer Simon Slater
Sound Sam Jones
Sean Gleeson
For the Royal Court: The Weir.
Other theatre includes: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (National/West End); Earthquakes in London (Headlong/National); The Contractor (Oxford Stage Company); In Celebration (Everyman, Chichester); Molly Sweeney (Bristol Old Vic); Aristocrats (Chichester Festival).
Television includes: Midsomer Murders, The Café, Public Enemies, Casualty, Doctors, Dalziel & Pascoe, Burnside, Holby City, Safe House, EastEnders, Underworld.
Film includes: The Last Witness, Cold Mountain, First Knight.
Sean also directs for TV and Film
Richard Mylan
Theatre includes: The Believers, Things I Know to be True, Peep Show (Frantic Assembly); Starlight Express (West End); How I Helped Out Communism (Lowry); Crazy Gary’s Mobile Disco (Paines Plough); Badfinger (Donmar).
Television includes: Marked, Byw Celwydd, Agatha Raisin, Waterloo Road, Casualty, Doctors, Grown Ups, My Family, Where the Heart Is, Belonging, No Angels, Coupling, Bad Girls, Wild West, Score, Doctors, A&E, The Bill, Border Café, Silent Witness.
Films include: Don’t Knock Twice, City Rats, Upside of Anger, Love Peace & Pancake, Checkout Girl, Snarl Up, Dead on Time, The Wisdom of Crocodiles.
Radio includes: Look Who’s Back, A Taste of Honey.
Sion Daniel Young
For Sherman Theatre: Llwyth
Other theatre includes: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (National /West End), Mametz, The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, House of America (National Theatre Wales); War Horse (National/West End); The Welsh Boy (Theatre Royal, Bath).
Television includes: Hinterland, Our World War, Casualty, Gwaith Cartref.
Film includes: Another Me, Private Peaceful, Daisy Chain.
Radio includes: Hoshiko, Inside Information, Dolls Tea Set, Inside Information, Bisgits a balaclafas.
For Sherman Theatre: Iphigenia in Splott (& National/ UK Tour/ International Tour), Love Steals Us From Loneliness (& National Theatre Wales), Amgen/Broken, A Christmas Carol
For the Royal Court: Violence & Son.
Other theatre includes: We That Are Left, Mrs Reynolds & the Ruffian, Perfect Match (Watford Palace); Free Folk (Forest Forge); The Shadow of a Boy, Big Hopes (National); Crazy Gary’s Mobile Disco (& Paines Plough), Ghost City (Sgript Cymru); In the Pipeline (& Òran Mór), The Drowned World (Paines Plough); Cancer Time (503); Sk8 (Theatre Royal, Plymouth); Blackthorn (Clywd Theatr Cymru); Mary Twice (Bridgend Youth); Bulletproof (Replay, Belfast); La Ronde, Spring Awakening (Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama).
Television includes: Baker Boys (co-writer).
Awards include:
Meyer Whitworth Award, The Shadow of a Boy;
George Devine Award, The Shadow of a Boy;
Fringe First Award, The Drowned World;
Pearson Best Play Award, The Drowned World;
UK Theatre Award for Best New Play, Iphigenia in Splott;
James Tait Black Prize for Drama, Iphigenia in Splott;
Gary is Associate Artist: Writer at Sherman Theatre and is a Creative Associate at Watford Palace Theatre.
Rachel is the Artistic Director of the Sherman Theatre.
For Sherman Theatre: The Weir (& Tobacco Factory Theatres), Bird (& Royal Exchange Theatre), The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe, A Doll’s House, Iphigenia in Splott (transfer to The National / UK Tour / International tour), Romeo & Juliet, Arabian Nights.
Other Theatre includes: Macbeth (& Tron), The Seafarer (& Lyric, Belfast), The Odd Couple – Female Version, Moonlight & Magnolias, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, Twelfth Night (Perth); Unfaithful (Traverse); The Absence of Women (Tricycle); Hurricane (West End/Off-Broadway); Everything Is Illuminated (Hampstead); Miss Julie, Animal Farm (Peter Hall Company/Theatre Royal, Bath); Absolution (Guna Nua/First Irish Festival NY); Much Ado About Nothing, The Glass Menagerie, Merry Christmas Betty Ford (Lyric, Belfast); A Christmas Carol, Gates of Gold, Grimm Tales (Library, Manchester); Over the Bridge (Green Shoot/Waterfront Hall, Belfast); Protestants (Soho); Arguments for Terrorism, Cold Turkey at Nana’s (Òran Mór).
Opera includes: NI5 (Northern Ireland Opera/MAC, Belfast).
Awards include:
Critic’s Award for Theatre in Scotland for Best Director, The Seafarer;
First Irish Theatre Festival Award for Best Director, Absolution;
Rachel was formerly Artistic Director at Perth Theatre.

Get the Chance to be a Theatre Critic with Taking Flight Theatre Company

Get the Chance to be a Theatre Critic with Taking Flight Theatre Company
Are you aged 16-100?
Interested in theatre, dance, visual art, gigs, poetry, film and more?
Want to access a free workshop which will give you an insight into the role of a critic?
Then, this is for you! The workshop will be BSL supported. It will be suitable for D/deaf, hard-of-hearing and visually impaired participants.
All participants will be able to access the workshop for FREE and see Taking Flight Theatres new production for FREE
You’ve Got Dragons
A delightful tale of one child’s journey to come to terms with their inner dragons.
A fully accessible intergenerational show featuring creative captioning, BSL and audio description

Audio flyer below

What’s involved?
You will take part in a 90 minute workshop with Guy O’Donnell Director of social enterprise and online magazine website Get the Chance getthechance.wales
During the workshop you will be given an insight into the role of the arts critic. You will be given instruction on how to create a review and upload your response online. Participants will look at blogging, video, social media and much more! All workshop participants will get the opportunity for their reviews to feature on the Get the Chance website.
If you have one please bring a laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.
The workshop is limited to 10 places. All participants will be expected to review the production
The workshops is on Thursday the 13th of April at Chapter Arts Centre, 40 Market Rd, Cardiff CF5 1QE

4:30- 6pm Workshop
6pm break
6:30-8pm Performance of You’ve Got Dragons
Post show talk
To book please email

BSL Video, Why not join Get the Chance? with Steph Back

This video features Get the Chance member Steph Back inviting you to join our team. The BSL transcript is below.
Hi my name is Steph Back.
I am a member of Get the Chance. Get the Chance support members of the public to access sport and cultural events such as gigs, the theatre and performances. The members then review the activity they have attended. All of the reviews are posted on the Get the Chance website getthechance.wales
Get the Chance wants to support new deaf/hearing impaired critics. Get the Chance can run free workshops teaching you about how to be a critic.
If you are interested in getting involved you need to contact Guy O’Donnell, The Director of Get the Chance.
You can email him at odonnell.guy@gmail.com or text him on 07703 729079. Get the Chance also has a Facebook group and you can get in touch there as well.
Thank You.