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Review E15, Lung Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre by Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

On such a tragic day, when London is in a state of terror, the production of E15 by Lung Theatre is more poignant than ever. A community joining together to stand strong and still invite others to London.

Based upon the social housing crisis, E15 brings a documentary style of theatre with true stories from true people and their struggle and fight for basic rights that all humans should be allowed.

As a previous private resident of Newham when I first moved to London over 2 years ago, I was aware of the poverty of this area but no idea of this movement. This production fully opening our eyes to the crisis. London is known as a welcoming city, with the recent Brexit vote forcing people to announce that London is still welcome. Yet it seems we can hardly cater for even local people, those who seek asylum – anyone who needs help.

The stage being plastered in protest flags, chalk writing on the floor, campaign voices over the microphone, we are put in the essence of this struggle. And all the rest is the perfection of the performers.

Their truthful, natural and passionate narrative is poignant and emotional. But strong. Strong voices. Strong men and women and their ability to tell this tale with added theatricality made something true and political stand out.

Some say that theatre should stay out of politics but with theatre like E15, the only helps the cause and puts it on the radar of the public.

A very important and creative production – a must see!