Review MSND – Intermission Youth Theatre/Chelsea Theatre, London by Tanica Psalmist

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MSND (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) explores subjective narratives & misconceptions perceived by young people, however transparently told from the perspective of young people collaboratively. IYT’s (Intermission Youth Theatre ) Artistic Director Darren Raymond, supported by trustee Mark Rylance presents MSND at the Chelsea Theatre.

MSND is a euphoric feeling psychedelic which transports you mentally to a fantastical world of self discovery and adventure where you lose yourself to re-find yourself. Starting off with Mario, troubled at the end of youth, feeling deeply trapped by his past mentally & emotionally.

MSND – found in balloons, liquid & vaperizers, widening your eyes to skyrocket the test of temptation, bringing you closer to salvation if you succeed. We preview both Gerard and Vincent at the beginning as teenagers getting up to mischief, struggling to relieve their boredom, will drugs help them to escape or worsen their current state?…

Expressively channeling poetic literature, expressed through modern Shakespeare to portray the 21st century’s sense of youth identity, sub-culture, community issues, levels of responsibility & pleasure & true mental growth to pull everyone’s direction towards hope, fulfilment & change for a better future.

This play exhibits the peer-pressure & over-rated influence of drugs experienced by young people whilst remodelling the beauty & power of Shakespeare’s language. This production is ready to be experienced for just over 4 weeks until 3 December. If you haven’t been to an IYT production yet, I urge you to experience it – most definitely a must see!

You can find out more about the production and book tickets here

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