Review Alexandra Savior & Morly Thekla Bristol by James Ellis

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Alexandra Savior

 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) Morly

Another quirky Bristol encounter saw me in the well known Thekla, a docked boat on the river which hosts gigs. The warm up act Morly was soft and subtle, gentle vocals joined with the patter of Nord keys. Lot’s of loveliness, though I craved a little variety. 

The buzz for the main line up was finally to begin (after a postponed gig), was palpable. Alexandra Savior has made waves online, some die-hard fans were present as they sang along to most of her songs. Her autumnal style is warm and cheery, she seems to sing to us though also for herself. Past relationships would reach their zenith in her craft, with her song Crying All The Time a real treat which could turn heads for its blunt beauty. Her band also were razor sharp and you can feel the collaboration oozes in no doubt many gigs. 

What I really wanted to hear was Howl, my gateway song for Alexandria and sadly we would not hear it this time. One feels her star is still on the rise, even with the successes already achieved. You can really feel her growing pains in these songs, a young woman coming into her own, confident and sharp. This rocking concert made for a special Friday night treat. You can see the bigger venues opening up to her. The grooving and good buzz around the whole space is a testament to her talents. Go see her on tour. 

Alexandra Savior continues on tour in the UK, Europe & Turkey.

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