Review Horrible Histories, “Terrible Tudors”, Sherman Theatre, Cardiff by Rhian Gregory

I first came across the Horrible Histories books when I was in primary school, back 25 years ago! Saying that out loud seems such a long time ago. I enjoyed the humour bringing history to life. I still do to this day and I’ll be sharing the books with my children when they are studying a particular area.

They even now have a TV series!

That’s what drew me to the show. Coming to see Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors on stage, with a live performance, known modern songs with a twist, to remember the past, the humorous acting. The show was delivered by just two actors who were very clever portraying and changing their costumes, voices and style for each character. They started with Richard III through to Elizabeth I.

I was in the 2nd row, in the wheelchair space, and I had a great view, could clearly see the fantastic expressions.

The show ran for just over an hour, without an interval.

It was fun interactive show! It looked almost full and was so good to see the audience participation.

I keep singing, divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived, to remember Henry VII’s 6 wives. That’s helped jog my memory!

I came along to the Sherman foyer about an hour before the show started as they had colour in sheets and booklets for children to help explain what happens at a theatre. I thought this was such a good idea. In the past before Covid, I occasionally volunteered with the Sherman theatre through the Sherman 5 scheme. It was my first time back after a couple of years.

Sherman 5 is a fantastic scheme to support people to attend the theatre, whether they have never been before or haven’t been in a long time. It’s for people who face barriers and / or are at a disadvantage. A great opportunity for all of the community.

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