Dance, science and digital collide in this new production by Jack Philp Dance.

With dates across Wales in Swansea, Cardiff and Bangor, this hour long evening of contemporary dance will take you on an abstract and athletic journey through the cutting-edge research of Professor Paola Borri. OPTO NANO was created with an exceptional cast of five performers and explores pioneering cell imaging techniques using microscopes and lasers. Using dance to bring biophysics to the stage, the choreography proudly champions collaboration from across different worlds in a dynamic burst of movement, light and colour. Powered by an electronic sound score from critically acclaimed Welsh composer R.SEILIOG, the work celebrates the arts and research that modern Wales has to offer.

Jack Philp Dance is lead by choreographer and director Jack Philp. A Wales based artist with a fascination for science and digital technology. Lead by the latest advancements in the world around us and driven by a love for the physical body, his work seeks to capture the wonder in those things through energetic, colourful and collaborative choreography. Jack has toured work with his independent collective as well as choreographed for companies and universities across the UK; presenting work on stage, film and for digital experiences. 

OPTO NANO tours Wales with dates in Swansea, Cardiff and Bangor from March – April 2022.

You can book your tickets here:

3rd March: Swansea – Taliesin Arts Centre

19th March: Cardiff – Dance House

7th April: Bangor – Pontio

30th April: Cardiff – CULTVR LAB **immersive digital performance

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