Review Curtain Up – Week 1, Theatr Clwyd by Alicia Jelley

Boy is it good to get back to the theatre, and new production ‘Curtain Up’ at Theatr Clwyd certainly didn’t disappoint!

it took me back to my A level Drama days with it’s intimate theatre in the round setting. 5 short plays commissioned during Lockdown, with 10 different actors, playing different roles and using props selected by audience participation. Very random but added to the comedy highlights!

You could see the sheer joy the actors got out of performing again and it felt quite emotional to see them do their thing and applaud their efforts after such a troubling time for all artists.

Curtain Up will be at Theatre Clwyd until 4th September, with each week a different 5 plays being performed by different actors and of course different props, meaning you’ll get a new show every time! If you love old school dramatics, you’ll love this!

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