Review: Twice Over, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

With the current climate, and the news of a new, and not much wanted Prime Minister, a political play is just what we need.

Twice Over compares the political climate when our only two women Prime Minister’s have be in office; with the use of two women, both in their 20’s but at different time points (the 80’s and 2017) we see how ideals have changed, how attitudes have changed yet the confidence in politics remaining the same.

This production is very simple; two performers, a guitar, basic lighting and basic set. For something with intricate and complex issues in its narrative, this simplicity is all that is really needed to bring the concept across.

Part poetry, part scripted, part verbatim, I found it difficult to follow.  The writing was interesting and I loved the approach taken, but I couldn’t define the difference in these writing styles and suddenly we would be hearing rhyming couplets, the next an almost political speech. If there was an added dramatic change to these, whether this was performative or even a lighting change,  it would have complimented it more and gave more complexity.

The music was beautiful – again, simple but really effective and gave a nice break to the very hard going narration.

I really applaud the Twice Over production for taking on such an important subject, triumphing women and feminism. There is a way to go with this production, with a little tweaking, it could be a really hard-hitting production. Never the less, with politics in the current times, it is definitely worth seeing.

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