Review: Ollie Horn, Pig In Japan, Edinburgh Fringe Festival By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Ollie Horn, a young comedian by chance decides to move to Japan. He has no experience in TV, as an actor or presenter, but almost overnight, becomes semi famous on Japanese television.

Horn brings his comic styling as well as evidence in the form of video to tell us about his time in Japan, why he went, what he experienced and why he was on their tele.

Horn is energetic, in good timing and definitely funny. He does well to explain Japanese culture but is admittedly still slightly clueless after admittingly not integrating as much as he should. His antics are nothing short of what you would expect from the hyper realistic and unusual Japan.

If you have been to Japan, the jokes land a little funnier – true statements about how clean the country is and the polite interactions of the Japanese is a general ‘stereotype’ but also rings true; comedy based on these observations just jumps a little further for the experienced traveller.

His comic timing is on point – bringing a statement to us, this is often accompanied by a short video clip, sometimes rewound, zoomed in to emphasise, adding meaning, a purpose and additional laughter; we do not have to imagine, we plainly see – seeing is definitely believing.

Lastly, Horn interacts with us well – his confidence illuminates his story telling, and while not every gag gets a laugh, he continues a momentum that never stops. Laughter or not, Horn can put on an honest and funny performance.

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