Review: Space Junk: A Soviet Musical, Slipshod Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

‘Soviet’ and ‘Musical’ are two words you would not necessarily put together. So imagine my intrigue of being invited to this show.

Space Junk is the biographical and musical-styled hammed up story of the first man into space. Once he reaches his fame, he faces a harder life back on earth and faces losing his love for space, his love for his family and his love for himself.

The production itself has a full band on stage – I love this. I personally think that live music really adds an extra tier to performances and it was nice to have this option in this production. The music was all based on David Bowie – another tick in the box, another great way to interact with the audience (who doesn’t know Star Man? Space Oddity?) and well themed – a great choice for Slipshod.

Now whether it was the room, the heat therefore the need for a fan make noise or a tweak the company need to make, a lot of the speech was missed. Projection was excellent from our main man, but the rest seemed to get lost to the space, and this was a shame to miss some of the narrative.

However, the main character is played by a brilliant actor. His projection is on point, he executes the right emotions and the right time, and really makes his presence known on stage. He somehow salvages where the sound goes missing and brings you back to date. But also makes you feel heartbreak when needed and really throws his all into this production.

The production itself is full of humour, typical musical theatre over the top nature and some kick-ass music to boot. Space Junk is a lot of fun, and something recommended to see if you fancy sitting back, having a sing a long and not needing to decipher too much of a storyline.

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