Review Tank, Breach Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre by Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

A almost crazed episode in American history, a NASA funded project during the 1960’s involving trying to make dolphins speak English is controversial and a shocking era. Based upon training scripts, Breach Theatre aim to discover what really happened, indulging in the pure animal cruelty and madness of the scientists involved.

A theme of water is obvious and consistent – the performers continue to hydrate from a water cooler in the corner, almost filling themselves with the tale.

By posing our dolphins in human form, we see the general cruelty, the unpicking  in a discussion by the performers of what would be happening, arguing and then agreeing on events, on emotions, feelings, what may happen, what may not- a worst case and probable truthful telling of behind the transcripts.

This soon  comes into physicality of the dolphins, still humanised to not only mirror what the scientist are cruelly trying to achieve but also to give us a connection and really how we would feel if this was done to a human.

The performers are relaxed, casual and act as if ad libbing despite us knowing this can  only be well rehearsed. They manage the right balance of comedy, of shock, of metaphor and lead us down a shocking and disturbing road.

Breach Theatre have managed to create a piece unlike any other and such uniqueness needs to be seen and celebrated.

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