Review Cut, The Vaults by Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Deep under Waterloo station is this mysterious and unknown theatrical hub. It is unclear where we go and this brings such brilliant surprise when we enter an entirely white and plastic tunnel. We are greeted as if we are boarding an aircraft – a journey of emotional turmoil.

Throughout the 1 hour running time, we are plunged into darkness, brought back into the light to either be greeted by a frightened and worried female or our humble flight attendant. The storyline sees the woman and her fear as she is stalked by a stranger.

The switching from dark to light, the use of a small handheld torch gives us a sense of vulnerability and fear, as if we relate to the woman and her peril. At times this does become a bit much and the fear factor soon loses its’ affect. While we are still engaged in the performer and her ability to appear in different parts of the room and switch her appearance and her personality in a matter of minutes.

While the performer Hannah Norris is wonderful and clearly very skilled, the novelty of the changing and the dark to light soon wears off with nothing to continue keeping us surprised. It felt that more should be given to us, and shock factors initiated to keep us relating to the character’s emotions.

Never the less,  I would still encourage others to come and watch this production. The overall intention, clever staging and performance ,  just feels that there could be so much more.


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