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Review Closer, Circa, Udderbelly by Hannah Goslin


 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Comparative of close

[Klohz, Klohs]
verb (used with object), closed, closing.
to bring together the parts of; join; unite (often followed by up)
verb (used without object), closed, closing.
to come together; unite:
to come close: 
to grapple; engage in close encounter (often followed by with)
adjective, closer, closest.

having the parts or elements near to one another:
being in or having proximity in space or time:
marked by similarity in degree, action, feeling, etc.:
near, or near together, in kind or relationship:
intimate or confidential; dear.
based on a strong uniting feeling of respect, honor, or love:
Audio Described review 

The word closer has so many different meanings – the list goes on. It can be negative and it can be positive. In the case of Circa’s performance of ‘Closer’, it is certainly a positive experience emanating the above definitions and some more.

How much closer could one get to a small, intimate audience, only a matter of inches away from bending, flipping and tumbling bodies, inside the belly of a giant purple cow? Everything about this show is the definition of Closer – the performers with their relationship, trust and confidence in one another to undertake stunts in a small area, to be close physically with one another to do death defying aerial tricks, push, pulling and throwing each other around the stage; the interaction with the audience through speech, facial expressions and involvement of a select few.

Through the dangerous tricks, the rare but possible accidents and often the technical aspect of rigging and staging, it’s a new take on circus to attempt this in such a small area. Stereotypically we are used to the big tops, some branching out and bringing new takes on circus but still in large arena’s such as the astonishing ‘Bianco’ by Cardiff’s own No Fit State Circus and the occasional trapeze, hula hoop or juggling in small cabaret settings such as variety and burlesque shows. However, this is instantly something new. Minimalist set and rigging, the majority of the tricks performed make use of the performers bodies instead of staging and rigging. Moments that make the audience gasp in pain, when the performers look comfortable and still at ease. These performers make everything look so easy – but still, DO NOT TRY AT HOME!

These awkward oddball cool kids not only give us tricks, but they give us acting. Their strange romantic yet family-like playful interaction with one another as well as with us gives us a warm feeling inside and also a little giggle. With the addition of music which is a mixture of popular songs, remixed versions and then strange instrumental combinations, these parts of the Circa puzzle gives the whole sense of a strange Parisian world where these characters are the only 5 who reside – but yet we are welcomed and included with open arms.

Cringey yet fascinating and exciting tricks, air defying skills, a bit of danger, a laugh and something a little different to the ‘norm’ – what else would you want to spend your night watching?