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Review ‘Real Human Being’ Taking Flight Theatre by Tanica Psalmist

Forum Theatre techniques were used to educate the public.
Aimed to reinforce the knowledge of right and wrong; with a simple ’Stop’ ‘Rewind’ and ‘Go’.
Any one could participate or insinuate to play a specific role,
It took us further into a deeper dimension where we discussed ideas and social dynamical views,
A story about Prejudiced behaviour, insecurities and discrimination.
The actress with a significant role, imposed mental frustration, as we watched the victim in distress.
Hot seating, thought tracking was pursued, giving us all a wider concept, to analyse each actor internally undressed.
Psychologies lead to different people wanting to get involved. It was an interesting play, dominating problems in school.
This theatre piece was wonderfully devised, integration of those in the disabled community, wilfully were involved.
Based of real life issues, real-life experiences from pupils, was printed in to the script,
This made it twice as effective, especially with young pupils words incorporated
To ensure the script was deeply sincere and powerful words were resonated.
Energy from the actors, was so strong they made you feel how they felt,
The production ‘Real Human Being’ was generally a nail biting, eyes watering, uplifting play,
Especially when insecure, venerable Alice found a friend, who helped her mental state
I’ll happily fund, to have it run again to ensure, a certain aspect, effects someone, the same way.