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Review One Last Thing (For Now), Althea Theatre, Old Red Lion Theatre By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Up above the mid afternoon Sunday lunchers, a performance that makes you giggle, makes you feel your emotions and come away feeling more culturally enlighten is performed.

One Last Thing  (for now) features quite a large cast for such a small performance space. The play looks at the lives of several different people, across time and across the world and the importance of communication to show love in times of war.

The storyline chops and changes from different eras and even to different places across the world with ease and with constant intrigue. One tale is not given all at once, we have to fight through the different tales of woe, hardship and pain to get to the end of each interesting piece.

The performers are always well engaged, always part of the story or set and draw our attention well to the action by showing interest themselves – it feels as if the performance is the first or second time they have done it, despite being a week into the run.

At times accents can be a little ropey, losing the narrative a little. But it is picked up well with their general performance. Their physicality and interesting use of bodies for staging and different characters are interesting and well constructed.

And while it did not make me cry, there were some in the audience that the stories really touched. Perhaps some of the energy was too impactful to give us time to process the stories before another came along.

Never the less, it is refreshing to see a production so full of life and so well invested in by the performers that you fail to come away without a smile and an after thought.