Review Perfect Show For Rachel, Barbican Theatre by Tanica Psalmist

The Perfect Show is co-produced by Improbable and ZooCo, showcasing that there are no limitations to what you can achieve. ZooCo are pioneers of exceptional accessible theatre, working with d/Deaf and disabled artists as leaders on every project as well as striving to make work that is accessible as possible to disabled audiences.

ZooCo has roots in the company being joint 2022 winners of The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, which supports the development of emerging theatre-makers engaged in bold, challenging and innovative performance. 

Perfect show for Rachel presents chilled & relaxed performances with ounces of creative, immersive expression that uses audience participation to capture what Rachel requested! All performances are infused with creativity from singing, live music playing, improvisation and spontaneity based off Rachel’s choices & adaptability.

The essence of the show features both live captioning and integrated accessibility for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing audiences. Due to the improvised nature of some parts of the show, some scenes were unapologetically funny and personal in connection to the buzzers Rachel chose from to aid her choices and decision making.

It’s exciting to see how the Barbican will continue their involvement with this unique production. And how the development of how the Perfect Rachel’s show evolves to reflect Rachel’s ever-evolving artistic incentives as she takes charge of crafting her story and showcasing her creativity as you step into Rachel’s world as she creates her perfect show. 

The production runs from Fri 24 May—Sun 9 Jun 2024, more information here

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