Review Pieces of a Woman, Kata Wéber and Kornél Mundruczó, Battersea Arts Centre by Tanica Psalmist

 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

From the writer and director behind the award-winning hit Netflix film adaptation: Kata Wéber and Kornél Mundruczó, Battersea Arts Centre and The Adam Mickiewicz Institute present the UK stage premiere of TR Warszawa’s Pieces of a Woman.

Pieces of a woman is centred around the depths of love, passion, solidarity, life, loss as well as new beginnings, grievance, bereavement, overcoming adversity whilst simultaneously coming to terms with redefining our identities when on the verge of losing a sense of who we are.

This production delves deeply into multiple realities that can hinder, distract and inflict pain, conflict and demise. Each character displaying nobility, beauty, truth and sincerity, bringing real life emotions to life on stage. The delivery of Polish culture was strongly referenced in this play, offering fresh perspectives of feminism and individualism.

The special elements of this production were the unique angles, lens and shots smartly projected on to the well designed stage door. It was an extremely rare aspect that gave this play a nice touch, offering a different experience of multimedia used within theatre. It was not possible to notice the hidden camera men that were out of the audiences peripheral in real time, live recording the set behind the massive staged door to display the several room spaces of the couples family home whilst they acted, occasionally coming out of that space.

Everything that remained both open and closed off to the audience took on different variations and interpretations of transitions which worked its wonders when leading to climaxes, tension and momentum, ensuring to leave all on the edge of their seats.

Overall, Pieces of a woman is refreshing, insightful, thrilling, unpredictable and cultural. Unapologetically displaying vulnerability and fragility, making this production equally magnifying, hypnotising, thought-provoking and intensifying throughout! The casting, lighting cues and mis-en-scene has been well choreographed, directed and produced.


Lars: Dobromir Dymecki
Ewa: Monika Frajczyk
Magdelena: Magdalena Kuta
Wojtek: Sebastian Pawlak
Maja: Justyna Wasilewska
Zuzanna: Julia Wyszyńska
Monika: Agnieszka Żulewska

Set and Costume Design: Monika Pormale
Music: Asher Goldschmidt
Lighting Design: Paulina Góral

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