Review, Chouchane Siranssian, Leonardo Garcia Alacón & Balás Máté, Wigmore Hall by James Ellis

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

A return to London, making an effort to go and see something before even going to my host. In this marvellous afternoon concert we heard from JS Bach and other varying delights.

This was really an opportunity to show off Chouchane Siranssian on the violin. I loved the effort of a sensual Leonardo Garcia Alacón on harpsichord and Balás Máté giving patience and nice drone work as supporting cello. The Bach works: the Violin Sonata in G and Adagio from Violin Sonata in C minor had that had real compassion, Siranssian seems to soar in this repertoire. Amazing to think how much the repertoire has changed, yet Bach was such a game change in his own right. Complexity met beauty in what we should expect from Bach, the passion of these players was a highlight.

Though the Bach got the audience in, a delight from Carlo Farina and his Sonata quinta detta ‘La Farina’. Of note is it’s strange momentum, seemingly slow then without warning pushes forward with swift rhythms. I hadn’t heard anything like, certainly not from the era of the composer (1604-1639). More discoveries like this make you realise just how much innovation there was over the centuries.

A short fire trip followed with Johan Jakob Walther’s Passacaglia from Sonata No. 7, Krikor Naregatsi with his Improvisation on Havun Havun and Pietro Antonio Locatelli’s Sonata in D minor. Siranssian shone once again here with one part of high pitched squeals from her violin, her accompanists also getting fine musical moments. Bleeding well into each other this choice of three works was fine, its was all very touching and highly sweeping. The broad steps of musical style and expression never waned.

Ending with Andrea’s Anton Schmelzer and his Violin Sonata ‘Victori derby Christen’ prove more brilliance from this trio, this hour with them a joy. Siranssian I assume read out the name of movements in German as the piece went on, its approachable nature made for easy listening. We’d love to have them back soon. 

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