Review: Unforgettable Girl, Elisabeth Gunawan/Created a Monster, Ed Fringe, By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

We’ve all heard the stereotype of Asian women, mail order brides and all that comes with this. It becomes a joke within plays, movies and our society. But does anyone really think about the person behind this and what they go through.

Unforgettable Girl brings this stereotype to the forefront – comical and satirical, she embodies the Asian bride which is sexual, engaging and self aware. We see and hear her story, from her home to the call that changes everything. She also brings on the attitude and approach from middle class white society and the unforgivable but “nicely” put racism. It is throwing these unsaid issues in our face with no apology.

There is use of multimedia throughout which gives different levels between the performance and creating a hyper-version of reality. The stage and props are mostly made out of “trash” and is referred to, giving the sense of the little these women are thought of. Some slight comparison, while subtle, is made to white blonde barbie dolls, while a creepy voice over sexualises the mail bride over the phone. It is unsettling but powerful.

While the concept is really interesting and unapologetic, it felt slightly stunted between “scenes”. Perhaps there was a lot to change between characters and scenes and whether more physical theatre or theatrical techniques could be used to move between these, keeping the momentum and the dark atmosphere going.

Unforgettable Girl is anything but forgettable and a great concept, but still needs work to help it continue to grow.

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