Review: Klanghaus: In Haus, Ed Fringe, By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Harking back to my origins in theatre, my days in the experimental theatre scene in Wales was often in a site specific set up, taking an existing location and moulding it to the concept. It feels like it’s been a while since I went to one of these, and oh how I missed it.

Klanghaus: In Haus utilises one of Summerhall’s spaces and creates a living room. Comfy chairs and maximalist decoration fills the space, pocketed by instruments and projections on walls. Every inch is taken up and for this one hour, you’re forever spotting something new.

This is a gig meets experimental think tank, provoking memories, emotions and at the same time, an intimate and fierce gig. The performers are inviting, warm and casual. We enter their space and they welcome it to us as a home, with hospitality and comfortability at the forefront. The juxtaposition of relaxation and punk rock heightens your senses. The close proximity keeps you on edge but somehow you’re also comfortable and chilled.

When we are taken to the “nook” we have some downtime and are involved, providing a sound as a collective, that we hear later on, interwoven into the ending. Occasionally audience members are asked to switch something on or get further involved, and, while this is minimal, we feel part of something. It’s like a house party with our closest friends.

And the music is impeccable. Not a note or sound is out of place; it is soothing and catchy and those who love female punk rock or even rock in general, will be tapping their toes and banging their heads.

Klanghaus: In Haus is the perfect use of site specific theatre, meeting intimate and personal performance art.

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