Review: Klanghaus, Darkroom, Ed Fringe, By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Yes: I came back.

After visiting Klanghaus: In Haus the night before, I wanted to also experience their secondary production Darkroom. Set in the same space that I visited the night before, this was completely different. Yes the room was the same, but adjusted slightly to accommodate this one person performance.

As you can probably tell, you are plunged into darkness in the Darkroom. Before this, you are taken to an alcove to be given “the rules” which are more of a recorded voice telling you what you can expect and ensuring a safe space. To be honest, after the night before, I already knew that I was in safe hands.

In the darkness, you are surrounded by music, sound, from instrumental to sounds of helicopters, the sea, wind. All of these are exaggerated versions, assaulting the senses and, knowing that this is a piece based on climate change, makes this all the more impactful. With how used we are to light pollution, from lights blasting into the sky, to the small lights on our devices, it’s rare that we ever get complete darkness. And this is such a memorable and unique experience.

Along with sound, other senses are triggered – there is fan that kicks in with the helicopter and changes speed and intensity when this moves to the sea. We are faced with a jolt of surprise with light in form of light play and live singing and then an ending with the projection of a desolate sea image. This surprise from a pitch black room, where your eyes adjust to sudden light and the vibrant sounds, had an impact that was unexpected and created a different level of sensation.

Following this, you are taken to the nook to discuss with the Klanghaus team the production. While you saw them prior, it was a nice moment to reflect and discuss, especially from an artistic point of view, the piece and how it felt. It made you think more of what you experienced and your feelings from this. I felt calm and rejuvenated, with my senses reinvigorated.

Klanghaus Darkroom is another very unique experience, which, gives you a chance to relax, reflect and really think, alone and in a room that is unusual in the modern world. This is a must for any immersive and performance art fans.

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