Review Jezebel, Cherish Menzo, Battersea Arts Centre by Tanica Psalmist

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

JEZEBEL provides both a theatrical showcase & an artistic abstract preview on late 90’s to modern day Hip hop & its cultural loopholes!

Diving straight into how black women especially have been and continue to experimentally explore their bodily freeness, expression of art through a women’s untapped sexiness, sensual & rhythmic nature in catchy, loved music videos whilst splashing waves of controversy through sexual exploitation where we’re suddenly hit with the reality of pleasure & pain working in synchronicity.

JEZEBEL is performed, produced & choreographed by Cherish Menzo & Co-Produced by Frascati Producties. Jezebel is a dance performance which explores the themes of mental strain, sexual exploitation and the creativity of black music lyrically/rhythmically in dancehall and hip hop, as well as acceptance, acceptance of bodies & owning how it feels & appears to magnify confidence.

From video vixen imagery the audience metaphorically witness through Cherish’s dancing pure fiery sexual pleasure, nature & women divine energy. Whilst embodying a video vixens version of freedom of expression through sex via dance, passion & physical exhaustion. Cherish exhibits power wearing hot pink leather Spanx with a pink crop top, open legged poses and erotic, unleaded movements. If Jezebel’s aim is about video vixens coming into their own power this was transparent & harnessed well with female dominance.

The multimedia & incorporation of the lyrics like ‘OOchie Wally’ by Nas explicitly & unapologetically talks about sex & ‘Big Pimpin’ by Jayz is well remixed so we only get to hear Cherish’s voice – impressive! We heard soundtracks specifically produced for JEZEBEL from Artist composer; Michael Nunes, which helped to add a distinctive atmosphere & ambience; as we experienced gunshots, hypnotic motions and individuality.

From dark blue illuminated midst, dim to flashing lights, smokey haze to mysterious gaze on her bicycle to the reveal of fur coats, long nails, gold dentures & saliva drooling from Cherish’s mouth you can honestly expect the unexpected from all angles, delivering various perspectives.

JEZEBEL is attention gripping just as it were if you were watching an enticing music video filled with booty popping, dance sexual explosions & classic, authentic rapping. Eye opening on gender disparities in the music industry as well as negative connotations linked to women objectiveness, obsession & thrill, controversy & untapped battles Nubian women face in the lost language of hip hop culture!

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