Review A Shoddy Detective & The Art of Deception by Tanica Psalmist

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

‘A Shoddy Detective & The Art of Deception’ features four energetic and talented actors; Becky Bartram, Luke Rose, Jordan Stratton and Mitch Donaldson. This play is amusingly cheerful from the offset; fuzzy smiles, warm welcomes & teases from the cast towards the audience casually strolling in, intrinsically lures the crowd in towards an evening of helpless chuckles, laughter, innuendos & classic banter for all age groups to understand & absorb well.

When the Great Lord & Lady Raeburn discover at their auction that their masterpiece painting has been stolen, instant panic and fear hits them hardcore. The Detectives are immediately contacted to intervene & catch the wanted thief! Assigned to this case is the disgraceful slacker ‘Brian Taylor’ who gets partnered up alongside the sharp & genius detective ‘Dusty Wills’ to help him get to the bottom of the crime investigation. 

Upon questioning and close examination, each and every one of Lord Raeburn’s staff and guests pays off nicely as they mysteriously get closer & closer to catching the mysterious thief by unlocking the houses deep, dark & deadly secrets; both the known and unknown, taking us all on an adventure to conquer this painting investigation. The multi-characterisation in this play is impressive, as well as the dashes of romance, excitement and enticement which continues throughout.

Overall, the actors held their accents well, their charm and witty humour and quick costume changes is well maintained, being the cushion of a true comedic parody which gives this play a unique comedic style. Whilst ‘Brian Taylor’ played by Luke Rose represents a shoddy detective without a doubt due to his slapstick act during the all cast fight scene towards the end, his helpless flirtatious moments and plot twists to win against the odds… not only satisfying to watch as we track down the smooth criminal but most definitely a good laugh too!

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