Review We Will Rock You, Wales Millennium Centre by Rhian Gregory

“Pounding, powerful, electrifying brilliant!

What a show to choose to make my first visit back since before Covid, a memorable thrilling experience! I’ve missed coming to watch musicals at the Wales Millennium Centre.

As I entered the auditorium, I re-appreciated the magnificent decor and architecture all over again .

We Will Rock You, like most theatre shows, was postponed for two years. It was meant to be returning to Cardiff in 2020, pushed back to 2021 and now 2022.

It’s been disappointing for all involved, the audience coming to see the show but for the all the cast, crew and staff involved in making a theatre. Such difficult unknown times.

During covid quarantine lockdown, I turned up the volume and sang at the top of my voice, “ I Want to Break Free” many times. “Under Pressure is another song from We Will Rock You, I had on repeat. True story!

The We Will Rock You smash hit musical, is written by Ben Elton and incorporates 24 of Queens greatest hits. Live sensational singing and what a rocking live band!

This year is actually the 20th anniversary since it premiered in London back in 2002 at the Dominion Theatre.

For tonights performance, I have to mention, two of the main characters, Scaramouche, played by Elena Skye, and Killer Queen, played by Jenny O’Leary.

The female empowerment I felt from these 2 incredible artists! Just wow!

I was blown away by the lead actresses voices! Exceptional control and tone, and the power! Incredible!

The humour and wit, with the many popular song name quotes in their dialogue and purposely mispronounced object names, got the audience laughing every time!

Go out, enjoy and treat yourself and support your local theatres!

You will certainly be foot tapping, hand tapping , head nodding and singing the Queen songs for days afterwards.

We Will Rock You is at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff until the 16th April 2022.

It continues its rescheduled U.K. 2022 tour, to Bristol, Reading, Aylesbury, Ipswich, Torquay, Wolverhampton, Wimbledon, Stockton-on-Tees, Peterborough, Norwich, Bromley, Birmingham, Southend-on-Sea, Canterbury, Southampton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sheffield and Manchester.

Visit and book here for the Wales Millennium Centre In Cardiff.

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  1. Was I watching the same show? The two female singers shouted rather than sang. We didn’t get to hear the songs through really , until the end. Very woke introduction, but no thought given to people with mental health issues. “ Mad” and “Nutter” are hugely offensive terms to use. One of our group,who had these problems, said nothing, but just looked down sadly.

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