Review 2021 Preby London Fashion Show by Tanica Psalmist


The Preby London fashion show took place on the 9th October 2021. Preby London was held exclusively at the Nave in Bishop-gate, London. The runway fashion show was well presented, organised & well executed by the one & only Sylvia, whose brand is called Preby London. Sylvia Fumudoh has been a designer for 10 years this year. She studied fashion, textiles and photography in Middlesex University back in 2006-2009. Sylvia is newly branching into bridal wear; she has been a women’s event wear designer for 10 years. She is also a fashion stylist for events and shoots. Her brand Preby London is a London based collection on bespoke formal womanswear.

Sylvia’s collections were sectioned into two parts – her first collection is inspired by life under the sea and the Illusion of Mermaids.  It features fabrics that mimic Seaweed, pleats that flow like a fish’s tail and sequins that represent fish scales. Most of the dresses are Mermaid dresses and smooths satins and beadwork. The first collection featured about 7 colours, but the blue and green was the colour of the sea and fish scales, the pinks and purples were coral, the aqua blue is water, the deep green is seaweed. (They were wedding reception dresses) Alongside the various materials used.

Sylvia’s second collection is inspired by the same theme but with subtler designs and use of collars. The collection featured a lot of pearls and textures lace. The Bridal wear was feminine and simple
designed with fabric features that complimented it. Sylvia likes to focus more on fabrics and texture and leave that to make a statement. Sylvia’s collections radiated confidence & strength. Her
premium collections have a strong focus on class, femininity and appreciation for all shapes, sizes and bodily curves.

The Preby London fashion show lasted an hour, perfectly displaying the essence of the bridal themes with vibrant colours on the sparkly, flow long dresses. Each model when walking down the catwalk
posed with meaning, value and purpose. As they walked down the cat walk they’d all made sure that the shots captured of them projected a sensual assertive energy, with hinted flirtation to exude woman power. Each model in their dresses owned their sexy but striking attitude, with undeniable elegance, sophistication & purpose. It was nice to see a mix of diverse models partaking. The lighting majestically captured the beauty of their complexions, makeup glows & youthful appearances. The makeup was extremely light, delicate & undertone, which complimented the collections divinely. The venue was well lit and featured a white backdrop which complimented the bridal dresses perfectly.

Preby London fashion was an experience to remember, that’s for sure! As you walked into the venue you were warmly greeted with complimentary drinks and refreshments upon arrival and was
welcomed to help yourself during the short interval, which of cause warmed the hearts of many from the frost outside. Preby London fashion show was well organised, short & sweet and tranquil.

It was nice to have Sylvia walk out last onto the catwalk and bless everyone with her presence towards the end alongside her models, appearing humbled and modest by her stunning designs &
inspirational impact made on the fellow bridal wear fashion designers.
I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of Preby London, the expansion of her designs and attending more of her fashion shows of course! Her alcoholic & non-alcoholic cocktails were to die
for and let’s not get started on her chocolate gooey brownies. But most importantly the atmosphere was refreshing – everyone networked and got the opportunity to exchange their business cards for further collaborations after the show. It was truly a beautiful space where you saw others interact with the models, photographers continue to take further shots of the models & the team involved in putting the event together; and for the fashion designers who came to show their support express their gratitude to Sylvia for making them feel inspired.

The Preby London fashion show was kept to a minimal & remained simple & casual throughout – which proved the saying… less is more! All her collections stood out due to the presented themes of
elegance, grace, beauty, warmth that were unique, complimenting each model, exuded divinity,tranquillity & the expressions of joy, hope, passion and power infused. The jewellery worn by the models was light, classy & petite, which were mainly silver, white or rose pink. It was great to catch up with Sylvia briefly and I look forward to seeing her future desires & ideas for Preby London’s bridal wear & ready to wear collection.

Below are the handles and further details of the stylists and other contributors that helped to put on the Preby London fashion runway show 2021.

Fahion Designer-
Sylvia Fumudoh

SHIVIKA TIWARI @shivikafacepaint

MIKI IONITA @miki.with love

SIEW GRATTON @art.spirituality

Backdrop Décor. 
Lisa Black

Model Stylist – 
Thiaba Diallo @stylebythiaba

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