Leslie Herman Jones interviews Justin Teddy Cliffe

3 Nights Only! The TIGERFACE SHOW. (AGES 14+ SHOW LENGTH 70 MINS.) The Riverfront, Newport. Thursday 21, Friday 22 & Saturday 23 October 2021 at 7.15pm Tickets – £12, concessions – £9

The TigerFace Show is a funny and irreverent comedy performance about our expectations of adulthood, asking us to re-evaluate what it is we really want to be when we grow up whilst demanding we find some child-like happiness in adulthood.

Performed as a mad and frantic hour of physical comedy, TigerFace attempts to re-create the last ever episode of his old kids tv serial The TigerFace Show.

The performance quickly unfurls into a semi-autobiographical, audience responsive, ragged-scream-party-piece, that’s one part misery, two parts joyful.

All audience members will receive FREE Piña Colada!*

*There will be no Piña Colada. This show will explore themes around childhood, alcohol and mental health.

For more information on this production and to book go here

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