Review: Super Sunday, Race Horse Company, Edinburgh Fringe Festival By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

In the last few years, there seems to have been a break out of traditional circus. The tricks and skills are generally the same, but the themes, the approach and ultimately the execution are all so different and unusual.

Race Horse Company bring their carnival, grown up kid-like circus to us, full of crazy stunts and belly laughing comedy.

This male group, a cross of hipsters meets a lad group who have been friends since childhood, they quite obviously explicitly trust one another (a must in circus) but also really enjoy what they do, while parading around in close to matching outlandish shirts and beach shorts.  

As any circus, we have a mixture of low level tricks to dangerous stunts – one minute the group are juggling or creating a comical dance routine wearing large horse puppets, and the next they are throwing one another up into the ceiling and performing in circular tubes that spin on their own at the same time on their own axis. Yet no matter what the performance, it seems effortless, smooth and there’s always an element of comedy to what they are doing.

A giant teddy bear being flung into the air, brightly coloured balls bouncing everywhere, this show is completely geared for children and you can hear the innocent giggles amongst the audience, along with gasps of all ages. Of course, any good show throws little jokes for the adults that go over the children’s heads and so we enjoy is just as much as the children are – giggling in our own corners and gasping in awe.

Super Sunday is extremely exciting, shocking in their courage and stunts but ultimately a brilliant Circus show.

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