Review: Famtastic, Lucy Frederick, Edinburgh Fringe Festival By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

I am a bad feminist. I really struggle to find a lot of women funny, and so as a huge comedy fan, it pains me to say that an awful lot of my favourites are male. And I think this is due to content – I struggle to resonate with men bashing, with talk of kids and marriage and generally ‘being a hard done by woman’ that seems to be an approach by a lot of female comedians. I want us to be championed, not to justify stereotypes of moaning females.

And so enter Lucy Frederick. Yes she talks about being a woman. Yes she talks about men and relationships. And the twist of this and something that I have never seen before is how she talks about becoming a step parent. And she approaches all of these in a refreshing, funny and relatable way.

Now I am not a mother nor a step mother, but somehow being an outsider hearing her experiences and approaches to the new way of life is really informative, and anyone who has worked with children can resonate a little more with this – there’s a similarity in it.

Frederick is a hilarious and loveable woman. She does not care what others think and is confident about her performance and herself on stage. She is very likeable, she interacts with us as if we are friends and really does engage us with the jokes, the content and with her personality.

Frederick is a breath of fresh air, a genuinely funny person and really needs to be given the chance to shine to larger audiences.

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