Get The Chance to explore Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival in 2018


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Like theatre? Like sharing your opinions? Want a free ticket to everything in the Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival this year? Then read on…

Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival is working with Get the Chance to find a team of critics of all ages and backgrounds, with the aim of reviewing every event in this year’s festival.

Back for its third year this summer, the festival begins on 31st May and ends on 16th June. It aims to offer theatre that is affordable for the audience and the performers, and to provide opportunity for budding artists to grow. Get the Chance offers a platform for a diverse range of people to experience and respond to sport, arts, culture and live events. Both organisations share the belief that the arts should be for everyone. It is hoped that this collaboration will give new critics an opportunity to develop themselves and share their voices.

To be a CFTF Critic you will need to have good availability over the festival period so that you can see lots of performances and write a review of each one you see. Your reviews will be published on the Get The Chance website. You can choose what you want to see and review from the wide range of genres in the CFTF programme.


Anyone interested in becoming a CFTF Critic should contact Get theChance at this email

If you are interested in this opportunity you need to check you are available to attend and review the productions that form the CFTF festival Please state why you are interested in this opportunity in your email


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