Review Fire in the Machine, Sounds Like Chaos, Battersea Arts Centre by Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Fire in the Machine is a production from the company Sounds Like Chaos, which features original work with performers aged 16-21 in South East London.

A loud and bright show, Fire in the Machine is a show featuring upbeat music, scheduled but unusual acts, in a form of a different and new Cabaret show than what we are used to. Some is spoken word, some is song, and some is pure chaos.

At this age range, I remember doing my GCSE and A Level drama productions, some of which didn’t look nearly as professional as this production – the usual make what you can, basic lighting and sound systems and A LOT of doubling your time to not only be a performer, but a director, a sound and light technician and prop/set maker. However with the use of BAC, the initiative is given a great space and access to the professional theatre additions which really helps in the confidence in these clearly passionate young people.

Just like my school days, there is evidently some who you can see potential and others who haven’t quite got that far – but this does not take away from the humour, the confidence and the commitment shown in what they have created. At times, just like their name, is organised chaos, providing laughter and a sense of uncertainty, others are thoughtful and bring to home the difficulty our future has, not just to us older persons, but also the struggle young people are facing – perhaps a lot due to our impact .

Fire in the Machine is well worth a watch – there is something wholesome and positive from experiencing this show, seeing the passion, the energy and interest that these young people have in the arts world – making me think that performance art/fringe theatre/original creations/whatever you wish to define it as, will proceed to go up and up.


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