Review Zero For the Young Dudes! Sherman Youth Theatre by Beth Clark

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A loud scene popping, time hoping, exuberant and absorbing piece of theatre. Is it a school? Nope, a camp, maybe? Where is it? When is it? Why are they there? Why just the children and why only until the age of 21? Can things get any worse? Where is the rest of humanity? How, how, how?

This play written by Alistair McDowall, directed by Anna Poole and performed by the Sherman Youth Theatre gets you thinking from the off and leaves you walking away thinking and conversing with others.

The story telling and understanding of their reality through advocacy, music and individual actor characteristics make the play flow perfectly and therefore held my attention right the way through. All the individual elements of this creation stood hand in hand. The parameter of time channeled through artistic design and production was together, impressive and it was only through clues in the play to current events you could gage time, but then that was still questionable.

The outstanding performances from the cast from the Sherman Youth Theatre really put this play on loudspeaker and handsfree. They were fantastic and worked together so well. Masses of determination and desire has clearly gone into the production and it has paid off! I must give mention to the set design by Finola Redshaw  as it was surprising as to how many actual sets were achieved in that time, clever!

I laughed quite a lot throughout evidently enjoying the humour on show. I could also strongly feel the passion projected too, as in one of the scenes, hands were raised, voice cords bellowed, just wow, they shook the place. Revolutionary, they certainly give it some strong-hold soul!

I still cannot believe how young and diverse these actors are and I hope them the best of success!  I love it when the unexpected happens! Reality checks and reflections are imposed. This production is fantastically achieved,  a super-sonic thumbs up from me!

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