Review ‘Love Steals us from Loneliness’ Chippy Lane Productions by Troy Lenny

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

On Thursday I ventured to Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff to see Love Steals us from Loneliness from Chippy Lane Productions. A teaching-tale of Love depicted in a relatable dark and drunken-night spent in the night by two long-term friends. Whilst in the park they drift from discussing: past adventures shared with each-other, slurring and slight insults and eventually their long and lustrous love which has been squeezed in seemingly for eternity.


So you could consider it an ordinary Love play from such a description, but it’s extraordinary. This play teaches you that Love permeates through all relationships (including strangers) and inevitably softens us to sands of sadness, never to be whole again or roughens us to rocks of regret, never to be loved again.


Expect to see a medley of a missing and melancholic mother, concerned and caring daughter, and a gravely guilty girlfriend. This is a play which will grasp your hand and lead you through the delightful and disastrous Forest of Love. A play of perfection.



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