Review The Revlon Girl October Sixty Six by Kat Leslie

revlon_girl  out of 5 stars (5 / 5) – Unmissable

The Revlon Girl is a heart-breaking, tear jerking story about the aftermath of the Aberfan disaster that happened in 1966. In the play a group of mothers who lost their children in the disaster meet in a room above the Aberfan Hotel 8 months later to discuss the events of the disaster. However, no one knows that  a representative from the makeup company, Revlon, is meeting with the mothers to give them all a talk on beauty tips.

This moving production will make you laugh as much as you will cry (or at last I did) and will shine a light on some very important life lessons. In the trailer for this play, Bethan Thomas spoke about how it shows that you don’t just have to deal with your own grief, but other people’s too. You fall in love with these characters and you cry for them. It was a phenomenally emotional story with powerful acting from an all female cast consisting of 5 amazing actors.

The Aberfan disaster is something that everyone in Wales will study  in Welsh class, but really, none of us know what actually happened and could never understand the pain it caused. The Revlon Girl sheds light on the effects of this historical event.

This down-right fantastic piece of theatre is about the mothers own ways of dealing with the grief, it’s about women and how they are portrayed. I think the writer Neil Anthony Docking and director Maxine Evans showed this beautifully in this motivating show. You see from start to finish, each woman’s journey and how each of them learn to cope in their own unique way.

This phenomenal production is worth the time and I would  defintely recommend this play to everyone.

Pontardawe Arts Centre, South Wales
Author: Neil Anthony Docking
Director: Maxine Evans
Running Time: About 60 minutes

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