Review The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, Mischief Theatre, Criterion Theatre by Hannah Goslin


 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Mischief theatre are a company to watch. After seeing their previous productions of ‘The Play that goes Wrong’ and ‘Peter Pan goes Wrong ‘ I am fully aware of what brilliance is to ensue.

I chose to bring my country parents to this production as I knew their love of Laurel and Hardy all the way up to their ‘controversial ‘love of Mrs Brown’s Boys, they would find this a treat.

Different to their previous works, this time they are not a ‘amateur company’ who’s shows keep going wrong, but the premise is a real storyline, with little elements of previous techniques of audience involvement, stage and prop ‘malfunctions’ and excellent acting and comic timing.

I find each time I see them that they up their game – where they find the constant energy to keep to such a fast paced storyline is excellent and they never miss a comic beat.

Mischief theatre will be broadcasting a live edition of Peter Pan goes Wrong on the BBC this Christmas – if you want to get as hooked on this company as I am, check them out on the TV and live!

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