Review of Romeo and Juliet Sherman Cymru by Amina Elmi

scott reid
Scott as Reid Mercutio
Photo credit: Mark Douet
When I thought of Romeo and Juliet, I used to think about pointless deaths and nauseating romance. That all changed when I went to see the Sherman Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet directed by Rachel O’Riordan on October 3rd.
One of things I will not be forgetting about anytime soon are the costumes. The characters in the play  were dressed in modern clothing, that wasn’t much different to what my friends and I wear. The costumes and the music created a modern feel to the play that the audience and I could connect to.
My favourite scene had to be during the Capulet party. Romeo played by Chris Gordon and Juliet played by Sophie Melville  were in a  passionate embrace, but what really caught my eye was how the characters in the background danced in time to the music. It was very subtle, but extremely effective.
My favourite performance was the solid acting from Mercutio played by Scott Reid. I loved how he was bold and demonstrated the bromance between himself and Romeo  perfectly.  His most powerful scene was when he was killed by Tybalt played by Luke Eliott Bridgeman and yelled “A curse on both your houses” As an audience member I sympathised with his character who got caught up in a feud that ultimately led to his untimely death.
r n j fight image
LukeElliot  Bridgeman as Tybalt
Linden Walcott-Burton as Benvolio
Photo credit: Mark Douet
I’m not a fan of romance normally, but the chemistry between Romeo and Juliet  was as clear as day. Their forbidden love caused by their families mutual hatred  was heart wrenching. During their final scene when Juliet plunged the weapon into her side, a small part of me prayed that they would reunite in a fictional afterlife.
I really enjoyed the production of Romeo and Juliet and recommended it to all my friends, I do the same to you.

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