Review Last Christmas, Dirty Protest

I never thought a one man story could grab me by the stomach and twist it and turn it as much as Matthew Bulgo’s ‘Last Christmas’ did. Performed by the hugely talented Sion Pritchard, both these men have achieved something many others would strive their whole life to achieve, an audience in complete awe. A script, carefully structured with such humanity that everyone could relate to, it had many moments of sheer comedic genius which resulted in hysterics of laughter.
Sion Pritchard’s characterisation’s shone as we travelled through a journey with him. His presence on stage captured the audience and the way he spoke made it unbelievable that this story wasn’t based on his own experiences. Sion had to rely on just his voice and actions to tell this story without the use of any props or scenery. Sion did this remarkably, not once did I lose interest, he had everyone of the edge of their seats throughout, engulfed in his demeanour and the strength of his voice. The performance space wasn’t the best for this work as you had to strain to see at times. However it was well worth a cricked neck to be able to capture every facial expression Sion delivered.
No wonder this show sold out on most nights, it was a wonderful experience and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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