Review Adrift, Infini productions by Kaitlin Wray

Infini productions.
Well what can I say about this show? The first free comedy show I saw and it was at a higher level than some of the shows that I’ve paid to see. Three guys, stranded on a raft at sea after failing a mutiny. How does their fate end? You’ll have to see! George Infini, writer and director of ‘Adrift’ knows just how to entertain people. The storyline, though simplistic was endless in comedy, from one-liners to the individual personalities of each character. The back stories were carefully constructed which complemented each other completely. Even though this is a tragicomedy, there were many warm moments where we saw a beautiful insight to the characters past and emotions. These moments really stood out for me as we got a feel for the situation they were in and couldn’t help but wish for a happy ending.
Paul Cammack, playing Mr. Henlow, was the obvious leader in this trio. His casual demeanour of their situation made it even more comedic. James Beaumont, playing the Welsh Doctor Mr. Roberts, was the most affected by their situation. His frustration and rage at the other characters provided realism to this piece. Sam Harding, playing the simpleton Mr. John showcased an impressive West Country accent which was kept throughout. Each actor impressed me fully with their ability to captivate an audience through words, mannerisms and even complete silence. Their standing ovation was greatly deserved as it was evident each one of them put their time and effort into this show.
Overall the guys from Infini Productions certainly should be proud of themselves as they excelled into creating and producing great work. We will certainly be seeing more from them in the future. As for me, I can not wait!

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