Reviews Flights of Fancy, Park and Dare Theatre by Bridgend Youth Dance Young Critics.

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Earlier this year members of Bridgend Youth Dance whom are interested in the field of dance criticism went to see and review Flights of Fancy at the Park and Dare theatre, Treorchy, please find their reviews below.

Review Flights Of Fancy by Anna Whistance, Bridgend Youth Dance Young Critic

Aged 13

 I attended the Flights Of Fancy production with fellow members of Bridgend Youth Dance at the Park and Dare Theatre,RCT. The first thing I would like to say is I thought the costumes were fantastic they really gave the effect of a representation of Wales on stage with the bold use of red. I was also struck by the energy of all of the dancers and singers on stage, they were great.
The Flights Of Fancy production used the idea of music and dance throughout the years showing milestones in the areas history this was great and the wonderful use of the building really made the production come alive.
The lighting created some amazing effects on the scenes shown on stage and I loved the glow in the dark costumes!
The only thing I think that could improve the production was some of the timings for the dancers.
Overall I thought the show was very well put together, the energy on stage was electric with giant smiles from the audience !
I would like to say well done to everyone involved in the production and as a young dancer I personally loved Flights of Fancy.

Review Flights Of Fancy by Bronty Freeman, Bridgend Youth Dance Young Critic

Aged 13

 Flights of Fancy is a production, which was performed at the Park and Dare Theatre in Treorchy, RCT. The show consists of a variety of singers and dancers, varying in age groups, as they tell the story of the theatre throughout the years.
They production made amazing use of the venue, as the audience were seated on the stage and the performers stage was the theatre seating areas. The costumes were very creative, as was the choreography and the performers made good use of the props.
There was a range of old and modern music and the orchestra played very well. The dancers were very energetic and they were all smiling and looked like they were having a good time, which made you feel happy. The singers ‘The Siren Sisters’ hit every note perfectly, they were very talented, and sung with enthusiasm.
There was a good use of lighting as they had a section performed with neon lights (glow in the dark). It was very creative how they had got dancers to freeze in a still image as you walked through the corridors of theatre on your way in to be seated.
Overall, I think that the show was fantastic and a great display of talent from this area.

Review by Hannah Jenkins Bridgend Youth Dance Young Critic, Age 13

 Hi the production show I am reviewing is called Flights of Fancy and was performed at the Park and Dare Theatre, RCT. This show was very creative throughout. I thought there were great directing skills used in this show as it flowed easily from song to song and scene to scene.
First of all I would like to begin with the running time taken to perform the whole production, every single minute was used to illustrate moments and events of the theatres history. I also thought the choreographers did excellent jobs making the dances a perfect reflection of the history of the theatre, as before the show I didn’t actually know any of the history while after the show I knew a lot more. Another thing I liked was the choreographer’s work and how they managed to make still images and illustrations on the way to the seating area of the show, it was a clever and creative idea.
I think the age group differences were great as each performer (including dancers and singers) performed their role with a beam on their face and great use of energy. I think the use of the stage was amazing as every inch I’m sure was used to perform a dance or act! All the costumes were well thought out, made and designed each outfit fitted the story of each scene!
I particularly liked how the lighting crew and costume team put their heads together to make a neon scene, which represented the Doctor Who filming in the theatre! I think I should give credits to the singers The Siren Sisters as they had to remember quite a few songs but they each sang their hearts out!
I think this show is suitable for all ages! It’s well worth seeing the enthusiasm and smiles of all those involved in the production. I would like to thank them for putting on such a great worthwhile show! If the team involved wanted a target for future performances it would be to keep up the energetic and creative work!

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