Happy 30th Birthday to Disability Arts Cymru!

Last night saw a celebratory evening for Disability Arts Cymru as they reached their 30th Birthday.
The evening launched the company’s new website and also featured performances by the Unusual Stage School and the musician Dai Sharkey.
Held at Chapter Arts Centre, the evening began with the performance of ‘Remote Exit’, a play by Welsh writer Meredydd Barker. The Unusual Stage School was developed in 2006, when 12 disabled actors undertook a residential training course. Since its beginning, the USS has provided unique acting opportunities for talented disabled actors throughout Wales. With a small cast of six, the play explores themes of illness and dependency within the confines of the family unit. Despite having serious undertones, the script was punctuated by natural, often dialectical humour, with plenty of opportunities to insert comical scenes.
The cast (Kate Hampton, Andria Doherty, Richard Newnham, Laura Morgan, Lindsay Foster, Michael Karampelis) were a strong ensemble, especially when specific actors needed to slip in and out of multiple roles. There was good use of a split scene, and the simple set proved helpful for swift scene changes.
The accessibility of the piece was extremely impressive; in many ways, it was more accessible than any other kind of theatre. There was use of a sign language interpreter along with a captioning screen. The whole performance was well produced and directed.
Disability Arts Cymru’s new website looks great, and you can find it here.  http://www.disabilityartscymru.co.uk/
Happy Birthday to the company!

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