Mumford and Sons, Cardiff Motor Point Arena by YC Meghan Bryant

Mumford and Sons, Cardiff Motor Point Arena.
The mumbling conversations of eager, enthusiastic fans were silenced.  The rumbles of each member of the audience’s applaud and their high pitched screams and cheers took their place.  Mumford and Sons were about to begin, and the anticipated night ahead could now fulfil its prophecy.
Leaving no time for the audience to catch their breath, Mumford and Sons burst onto the stage, beginning with their newest single ‘I Will Wait.’  The energy that Marcus Mumford created with the incredible lyrics and his beautifully intoxicating voice is something that, in my opinion, could only be completely understood when heard live.  The four breathtakingly talented men, played a passionate set of old and new songs, from Babel, their newest album, and Sigh No More, their first album released in 2009, which portrayed not only their dedication for their profession, but their consistency in their music, and their hard-working ethics.
During their performance, Marcus Mumford produced pitch perfect vocals, whilst flawlessly playing various instruments, like the acoustic guitar, mandolin and drums.  Winston Marshall provided incredible harmonies, as well as playing the acoustic guitar and banjo immaculately throughout the night…  Ben Lovett played mostly keyboard instruments, which complemented the set beautifully.  Finally, Ted Dwane played a variety of instruments throughout the night, such as string bass, guitar, as well as backing vocals, giving each song the ‘western folk’ feel that Mumford and Sons are known for.   Each song in the set was finished and immaculate, but thanks to the string instruments used and Marcus Mumford’s naturally rugged voice, they still maintained the rough, folk-like feel that everyone loves.
They performed a range of upbeat, country-like songs, as well as slower, more meaningful songs.  Personally, the highlight of the evening for me; was their emotional performance of ‘Timshel.’  Each member of the band; stood in a line, with their hands behind their backs, facing the audience.  All four members sang the lyrics ‘you are not alone in this.’  Everyone in the audience was silent, staring up to them in awe.  The majority of the song was performed softly and full of emotion, inspiring to me, and I’m sure many other members of the audience.
Their incredible performance seemed to put a smile on everybody’s face, so as their set began to draw to a close, I think everyone felt slightly deflated.  However, Mumford and Sons brought it back during their final song, ‘The Cave.’  After only about three seconds into the song, the audience came back to life, and sang each word back to the band.  The upbeat and lively song was a perfect way to end a perfect night.  The band accepted a powerful applaud for the final time, and walked off the stage.  The lights turned on, and each person I saw leaving the arena, was smiling uncontrollably.  After seeing Mumford and Sons, any doubts that they couldn’t perform as well live have completely vanished, and they have proven to be an extremely talented, unique band that deserve to be in everyone’s top 10 playlist!

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