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Review Priscilla Queen of the Desert by Tanisha Fair

I recently attended a performance of Priscilla the Queen of the Desert at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff and I thought it was incredible!
The lead role was played by the brilliantly talented Jason Donovan as the character of Mitzi and I was slightly apprehensive at first as I was not sure how he was going to portray a convincing drag queen, but gosh was I wrong! He gave a wonderfully touching and convincing performance. I also absolutely fell in love with Bernadette played by the lovely Simon Green. His performance helped melt everyone’s hearts when he sang his rendition of  ‘True Colours’. I also wanted to mention the amazing amount of sass from the extremely talented Adam Bailey as the character of Felicia. His character was nothing but flawless and I think most probably gave a lot of the audience dance envy from his triple threat talents.
The backing trio of singers had the voices of angels providing the backing for every song in the musical. It truly made the performance spectacular, especially from the moment the orchestra starts playing with a beaming disco ball and lively music which sets you back into the 90’s with upbeat tunes that will get you moving in your seats. The costumes are incredible and outrageous and if you love drag queens I think you might be slightly jealous of some of these very unique, to say the least, costumes.
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This production is by far the best I have seen in a while as you cannot stop smiling throughout the show. There were moments that I found it very difficult to stay still in my seat, it really made me want to put on a pair of ridiculously high sparkly heels and get up on stage with the cast. All in all I completely and utterly fell in love with them and wished they were my friends. It’s energetic and fantastic fun. This production is definitely one to go and watch. It’s an absolute party from start to finish. It truly does take you on an emotional journey. The productions storyline not only makes you laugh but allows you to understand some of the pains that these characters went through to continue to do want they were born to do. I think this gives us all the message of how no matter how difficult the dream is or how long it takes you to reach it, you should never give up.
A truly inspiring performance from the whole cast and crew the amount of work that has been put into to this production means I thought it was utterly brilliant!