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Review One Direction Cardiff Millennium Stadium by Bethan Hooton

On the 6th of June 2015, I had one of the best experiences of my life. I went to a One Direction concert. I had been waiting for this concert, ever since I got the tickets the day they were put on sale. I cried when I got that text from my uncle saying he had been able to get tickets! With this in mind I am going to try to keep this review as concise and babble free as possible!
The Experience: Seeing your favourite band live for the first time is bound to be  amazing. I’d been waiting for One Direction to do a concert which I’d be able to attend for about three years. So there was a lot riding on this one night. I can honestly say that it was the best experience of my life. From the moment I sat down in the line waiting to go in at 2pm until the encore and even after the concert had ended and I was on my way home, I was fully enthralled. The atmosphere of the stadium was immense! It really added to concert. It somehow made it that much better. Obviously seeing one’s favourite band live is to cause some bias towards giving them a good review; however, my mum even enjoyed the concert. She said and I quote “What an amazing experience and concert that has been” Beforehand there had been some projects set up to show Directioners support for the One Direction boys and some to even add the experience of the concert itself. These included the bandana project (you wear a bandana of a certain colour that correlates to your favourite member) and the balloon project (you threw balloons around during a certain song) this again added to the whole experience, just seeing how dedicated us fans are and how excited we were. Although social media could probably tell you that.
Support act: The supporting act was McBusted, another band  which I hold very close to my heart. Id seen them live before though, so it wasn’t anything new. That being said, I was still very excited to see them live again! They are great performers, and really added to the excitement of seeing One Direction. During their performance, they just talked to the audience, asking if we’re having fun and if we’re excited to see One Direction. They kept the energy in the room alive, and not once did it feel like they were bored, or just there because they were getting paid to do so. The only thing about the concert was in the leaflet that came with the tickets it stated that there would be two supporting acts, but there weren’t. This is neither a criticism nor flaw; however I think I would’ve liked to see another band/artist performing.
One Direction: There is a lot to say about these guys! This is about the fifth time I’ve written this section and once I literally wrote out the whole concert and commented on what happened. I’m trying really hard to keep this concise.
When the opening sequence started – which was just a mix of the songs they would be performing – I burst into tears. They hadn’t even gotten on stage. I was just so excited. They opened with a song from their newest album Four. They came on with energy and excitement and passion. It’s fair to say, their energy stayed that way through the whole concert. They are great performers, and singers. They talked to the audience, and even attempted to say “Diolch” due to the fact a lot of fans had it written on signs and they were in Wales! They asked about birthdays and asked if we were having fun. They spoke to each other and acted as friends. They messed around, and generally had a good time. They came to Cardiff knowing that we don’t hug, we cwtch. They just enjoyed themselves and that was what really made the concert. The whole time they were on stage, I was bawling my eyes out. It was such a surreal event and I loved every single minute of it. I love these boys to bits, but I loved the concert even more. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed with the set list as they had said new songs would be added, however, I still loved the concert.
Overall: From beginning to end, I loved the whole thing. The experience was amazing, and I’m still wishing that I could go back to that day and relive it. If you have the chance to go see them live, go. Whether you know every song, lyric for lyric or only know What Makes You Beautiful, either way you won’t be disappointed. One Direction put on an amazing performance and they love every minute, which is contagious and you find yourself screaming the lyrics you know at the top of your lungs, no matter how tone-deaf you are. There is only one word for the whole concert and experience: Phenomenal!