Cynon Valley Museum, Myth of Women Exhibition

Do not take Women for granted. Let us celebrate International Women’s Day. Women can be strong; they can be bold. The time is now.

Take a moment out of your busy day and visit the Cynon Valley Museum Aberdare as it presents the work of Alix Edwards (Alix Edwards visual artist & writer artography) and her KICKASS “Myth of Women” Exhibition.

Take heed, these are visually strong paintings of women, shown stunningly in vibrant colours resilient in their quests. Women who have battled the extremes of Humankind, illuminated shining and intense through the atmospheric power of this talented artist and storyteller of myths and truths

The vitality of pure brushstrokes hold the attention crying out for the legendary stories to be told. It is the black and white stretched so neatly into the full spectrum of colours. A kaleidoscope entwining mystery and magic

The names may be familiar with many attributed to the bardic Tales of Taliesen, others by their Martyrdom.

Ceridwen, Gwladys, Gwen, Nest, Winifred, Ffraid, Gwraig Anwn, Rhiannon and Gwenllian. Think of the strength and resilience of Gwenllian who fought when pregnant, her abdomen shown in the painting comparable to a shield protecting the future generation. The beheaded Winifred and the Rhondda Valleys’ own “Our Lady of Penrhys”.

There is the poignant reflection of the Magdalen Laundries in the accompanying paintings entitled “Babies”. You can sense the urgency of the lost children to be found, feel the cutting words and wounds that come with the sorrow of memories. The stains of injustice.

The fire is lit encompassing all these women as the forerunners of the suffragettes, the women who took on the jobs of men during the two world wars, the Greenham common protest, helping to launch the first space journey to the Moon, the first computer, the foundation of the Wireless connection Wi-Fi and the GPS system, the structure of DNA. A baton has been handed over for other women to blaze a new trail

The Myth of Women Exhibition calls out Women be strong, define yourself, be brave, speak out against ignorance, be beautiful, remind yourself you are unique, the power and the pride BE YOU

Do not take women for granted, do not forget that it was Adam who was left with the apple lodged in his throat.

This Exhibition is presented at the Cynon Valley Museum until Saturday 30 March.

Events ongoing at the Cynon Valley Museum please see their Website/Facebook for details.

In Aberdare and the Rhondda Fach Avant Cymru theatre company will present The Silent Volunteer by Sue Bevan at St Elvan’s Church on Thursday, 11 April and at Tylorstown Welfare Hall and Institute on Friday, 12 April. Performances at both venues are at 2 pm and 7 pm. Please see Avant Cymru website for more information and tickets In YOUR area within a short distance or a bus ride.

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