Review Moss, Barbican Centre by Tanica Psalmist

MOS, presented by Barbican and Dance Umbrella, choreographed by Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, playfully explored the relationship between sound and movement in bewitching different ways. Featuring multimedia & pumping vigorous, upbeat looping sounds filtered into the space; accompanied by surrounding plungers, steel bins, a mini wooden door, forest leaves and twigs, tap dancing shoes, roller-skates, a basketball, sticks, sand trays & many more intriguing objects across the entire stage.

Each rehearsed & choreographed expression of sound and movement was perfectly synchronised to the tuned out media, tightly reflective of gestures played out by the actors who hypnotically worked in duality to devise repetition and rhythm to outlet electrifying energy to stimulate our gaze & catch our attention throughout. The visual imagery was acted out by the actors using various sounds from each object in a vibrant way, which allowed the mind to ignite imagination, as the actors enthusiastically watched each action acted out by mimicking the storytelling narratives from the screen, creating an intimate reality to watch the screen and occasionally observe the motion on the stage simultaneously, as we immersed into two separate worlds, consisting of animated expression blended in with real time sound effects and dance, very impressive to watch!

MOS, is an exciting fusion of humour and poetical metaphors through expansive movements and sound. This production ended with tap dancing moves, grooves & of course; sound, looped over & over through potent vibrations and high frequencies, which circulated non-stop energy, passion, innovation and creativity; until they both yearned for the essence of silence, naked quietness, appreciation of soundless motion to alter the ambience and atmosphere; which left us finding the beauty, thriller and adventure, getting lost in radio waves, echos and muffled noise. In and out volumes & subtitles highlighted the themes; in-figurative souls, delicacy, enchantment, discrete, frightened, petrified and unapologetic incentives as we moved in-between different effects, genuine expression and fluid energy.

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