Review, An Audience with Lucy Worsley on Agatha Christie, St David’s Hall by James Ellis

Photo credit: Hay Festival/Paul Musso

Perhaps best known for her documentaries on the telly, Lucy Worsley remains a vision of the past. It remains her openness, her determination to shed light upon these famous female figures throughout English history that is endearing. Her girlish charm, her sensible style and swift wit are what make you fall in love with her.

Her arrival to the Cardiff stage was everything I expected it to be and I was still elated. Gracing the space in a nymph like green and sparkly number, her time throught the night was on the murder mystery mistress Agatha Christie. All this to smoothly plug her new book, which people, bought in droves on the night. Impressive to hear that over a thousand tickets had been sold for the Cardiff talk alone.

Christie, here is given the full shake down by Worsley. Her upbringing in Torquay, two separate marriages swirled with affairs, archeology and aging gracefully. The might of her huge selling power in novels galore is commendable, though I’m thinking “was she truly a great writer?”, our presenter saying Murder in the Vicarage is a work of genius. It’s easy to tap into Agatha’s old psyche to see why she loved stories that involed murder and the mode of finding the killer. Work as a nurse during WWI, might pertian to certain horrors, her need to write with a driving force of creation her fuel. Catharsis unbounded.

Lucy makes a PowerPoint presentation funny, thoughtful and expectedly educational. Her reach spans far with TV work, books, live events and job at Hampton Court Palace. We won’t dare mention what a contractor once said to her when she was knocking about with her parasol one day! Though I must confess, I think I might respectfully disagree with Lucy over Christie’s famous disappearance. Her hubbie’s affair put her into an apparent fugue state, which resulted in a suicide attempt, hiding in a hotel for two weeks, alleged amnesia and apparently…a South African accent. If she was faking it, I doubt she could be blamed, her husband pushing her over the edge in mental and physical realms (she planned to force her car over some sand dunes). We are never ourselves in extraordinary circumstances.

Though I doubt I’ll be reading Lucy’s recent page flutter, this was a thoroughly good evening and meeting her after was a briefly, real delight, the longest queue behind me itching to meet her themselves.

Lucy Worsley continues on tour around the UK.

Agatha Christie by Lucy Worsley is available to buy now.

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