Review: Until Death, Nalini Sharma, Ed Fringe, By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Until Death is a one woman show with an amalgamation of characters, a funny stage hand and… a bat.

Nalini Sharma presents the characters she saw and created from her childhood of hospital stays. They range from a sexually enticed old lady, a brother of a little girl in a hospital bed and a sexy bat who also has crazy dreams of Marilyn Monroe after being hit by the nurse/stage hand.

There is no lead up or connection that is very clear from character to character. It doesn’t stop this being comical and a fun, fever dream, but it wasn’t hugely clear exactly what we were watching. It is still enjoyable, the characters are well thought out and clearly reflecting the characters that Sharma created or met in her times in hospital – they are very exaggerated (although, the old lady could very much be entirely real, even after she wees on a plant) and their interaction with us as the audience is real, comfortable and we feel included and part of the fun and the story.

Until Death needed a little bit more direction and black and white blueprint for us to entirely understand where the characters come from and their reason for being. However, it is a fun play with some hammed up and comical characters.

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