Review: The Stand Up Horror Show, Hot Storm Productions, Ed Fringe, by Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

I’m sure with such a title, many would wonder what a stand up horror show would entail. The name itself was intriguing and was happy to entertain the intrigue.

The Stand Up Horror Show is a one man show that I would say was loosely based on horror but more played on the satirical of a “bad” comedian. Humour was created by foiled tricks and obvious puns, which, when you got into the swing of it, was certainly comedic.

The horror aspect was somewhat lacking. Our comedian wore a somewhat scary mask, brought out magic tricks based on the occult and witchery and modernised and created humour with well known Grimm fairy tales. Granted, without the term “horror”, I wouldn’t know what genre could replace this but the label of horror isn’t quite what was brought on stage.

However, we had lots of fun. The performer was very good at ad libbing, improv and picking up on curve balls from audience members. He allowed us to join in and be a part of the comedy without telling us what was funny and when unplanned changes were created from our interaction, we certainly felt part of something.

The Stand Up Horror Show is getting there. It feels like it has the basis to become something more honed and slick, but could also do with more direction to live up to its name.

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