Review Laurie Anderson Let X = X Show, Barbican Centre, London by James Ellis

 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

It has been a few years of waiting to finally see Laurie Anderson on tour in London. All the Things I Lost in the Flood had an ill fated date in the Capitol in 2020 and we wouldn’t discover what exactly happened with her estate just yet. I don’t think its yet to come here and a new tour Let X = X, should please both fans of her new work and much more classic offerings.

It remains her wry observations, slightly surreal sence of humour, her multi talented practices that wow. Spoken word, violin, performance art, video work and more which proves her brilliance. Her band also got us good with an array of pop, jazz, funk and everything in between. 

We flew off From the Air  from her eternal Big Science album, a treasure on vinyl nowadays. There is a plane theme throughout the work and outstanding brass pepper the sound world with vigor. Her puns and modulations in her voice are also highlights, amazing how he can sound masculine when lover and higher is another sort of realm. The mostly  monochrome video work shed her chalk work flourish and thrive as snowflakes and chemical compounds. A spaceman falling off a mountain was a visual to not forget in a hurry. Her love of her late husband Lou Reed also loves here, a collaboration which spanned years. 

Lesser known works is also a reminder that there remains decades of art from Laurie. Her new curiosity with A.I. has lead to some quirky songs. Of course, her number one hit O, Superman  almost certainly her most known track. Minimalasit and quite string, it’s always a bob and had a strange aura all it’s own. Whilst we didn’t hear thing from Home of the Brave, there was a wonderful choice of songs from over the years. One wonders what will happen to A.I. 

This fabulous concert ended by wrapping things up with an audience off its feet doing an impronteu Tai chi session. Wonderful. 

Laurie Anderson continues on tour around Europe. 

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