DangerPoint ‘A safety education centre with children at its heart’

Opened in 2005, DangerPoint is an education centre which aims to inform the next generation about all things safety- from road safety, staying safe online, hazards to look out for in the home and much more!

An independent charity located in Talacre on the beautiful North Wales coast, DangerPoint has something to offer everyone, from educational tours for schools and organised groups to fantastic family days out, with a chance to take part in the Danger Detective Quest and Treasure Hunt or get artsy and crafty with CraftPoint- an opportunity to create and take home your very own masterpiece- from painting to pottery and beyond.

The centre is unique- providing an inclusive experience which immerses children and young people in real life situations thanks to its creative set-up…the centre is designed like a film set! Visitors venture from a living room to the kitchen, from the countryside to the beach, with many more stops along the way! Throughout their journey they are faced with varying safety scenarios and potential hazards as well as being presented with lots of hands-on activities to broaden their knowledge whilst having lots of fun!

Visitors will also get the chance to meet DangerPoint’s very own mascot, K-os. K-os is from another planet and doesn’t understand the dangers he could face on Earth! During a tour, visitors can talk to K-os and share with him any safety hints and tips they already know or any they’ve learnt throughout their visit. If you’re looking for somewhere to gain life skills in a totally immersive and interactive environment, then look no further!

To find out more about DangerPoint please visit www.dangerpoint.org.uk 

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