Review Rebecca Black & Jessica Winter, Thekla, Bristol by James Ellis 

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


My time was up in Bristol, only for now. A varied programme of music would end with a firecracker night at Thekla. The story behind Rebecca Black has a chequered history and is turning out to be a hit.

Whipping things forward was warm up act Jessica Winter who wowed with her strident pop bonfire. I remained amazed with her talents, the audience loving her funky tracks. There was a whiff of Kate Bush and even Chrystabell. I knew not who would be the warm up and was delighted with the outcome. I would be sure to check her out as a leading act as well. Without hesitation. 

As for Rebecca’s set, I was highly impressed. The absurd mega meme of her private music video Friday, left her with a torrent of abuse. It’s clear she can in fact sing and has some great moves to boot. The discovery of her latest songs remain a delight: Crumbs, Destroy Me and Doe Eyed as highlights. What remained was an electrical storm of sounds, very rock like more than I expected. The drummer who did not get enough billing was also spectacular. Rebecca who has opened up about being a member of the LGBTQI community and the impact of what Friday delivered to her and those around her.

Any aspect of novelty is stripped away, though an encore of her hyper pop take on Friday remained a joy. The song is on her terms, the company who wrote the song appear to be be involved with the track one way or another. 

The audience space was packed, her respectfully gay following was heightened by her stint at Heaven in London the night prior. It was the unashamedly thumping pop sound that permeated through. I found most of these songs to be highly catchy and a lot of fun. 

Rebecca’s career is only on the rise and I am here for the journey. 

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